Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Updates Aplenty Amidst Stream-of-Conciousness Ramblings

- I'b still sick. I've been drinking tea like crazy.
- New favorite flavor of Adagio Tea, Rooibos Mango.
- Haven't heard from Maddie, Ellen, Terry or Ed. My money's still on Ellen.
- Movies on top of the DVD playah waiting for me to watch them include Capote, A History of Violence, Waiting, Good Night and Good Luck, and Bubble. I'll give each my famous "Three Words or Less" Review as I watch them.
- Two nights ago I watched, with nostalgic exuberance, The Best of the Electric Company DVD. Beebie enjoyed it with me.
- At the top of my Blockbuster Online Queue is Six Feet Under Season 5. It's supposed to come out today but for some reason they shipped my #2 movie The Squid and The Whale instead.
- Tonight is Top Model and The Amazing Race. Recently, I haven't been as committed to my reality shows as I have in seasons past. The Tournament always messes with my Survivor watching.
- Did you catch that George Mason/U Conn game? Wouldn't it be great to see George Mason win the whole thing? I love underdogs. A #11 seed, an at-large selection (meaning that they did not win a conference tournament to earn a trip to the NCAA tournament) in the Final Four is really something.
- It's noon and my boys are still in their jammies because I can't bend over to get their clothes out of the dresser. I have a Headache from Hell.
- Mr P got invited to a Star Wars-themed birthday party for one of his friends. Should be good. It's on Saturday, and Nat has an all-day rehearsal for her Fashion Show thing, so there's gonna be a whole lot of running around that day. I hate that R works on Saturdays. But then again, it's nice to have a day off during the week.
- Moments ago, as I was sitting here typing this, Teeny T came into the room, naked from the waist down, and said "Mommy... big poop. I sorry." I'm afraid of what I'll find if I get out of this chair. So I think I'll keep typing for a minute.
- Tomorrow is the birthday of Nat's best friend Jack, who died last summer. He would be 9. It's going to be a really hard day. I sent his mom an email today. I never know what's okay to say to someone who's grieving and what's not. I'm the sort that tries to make people laugh when they're sad, and that's obviously not always appropriate. I guess I just figure that heartfelt words are the way to go. I think I'll post about Jack tomorrow if I get a chance. Not to bring everybody down or anything. Since I'm usually such a ray of effin sunshine...
- I'm back to my lack of sleep dilemma, where I decide if it's preferable to stumble through the day in a fog caused by insomnia or one caused by Ambien. It's a tough call. They both suck.
- God, my head hurts.
- I need to renew our lease. Every year I say "next year, our own house..." It's been ten years now that I've been saying that.
- For some reason I've had the song "Do They Know It's Christmas" in my head all day. Maybe that's why it hurts so bad. It's protesting.
- I got totally screwed on a swap with a fellow Knittyboarder. At least all I'm out is two skeins of Bernat Camo. If the sucky swapper is reading this, I'm not going to out you publicly, but you know who you are. Honesty would have been nice, even if it was "Hey, I'm not going to be able to deliver on that trade and I'm really sorry..." but you've been yanking me around for two months now. And by the way, that camo yarn isn't gonna turn into anything cute no matter what you do with it, cuz it's Full-on Fugly to begin with. The fact that you're stuck with it now is punishment enough in my book.
- Speaking of vengeance, I've come up with a Most Crafty Plot to jack with some people I hate. Details withheld pending the final fine-tuning before I launch this gem into action.
- If you're in the Katy, TX area, you should go to the Grand Opening of Yarntopia! I wish I could go!
- God, my head hurts.
- I'm craving pizza. Sunday we went to Cici's and got the Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. It was AWESOME. If I thought I could drive I'd go get one.
- On the needles is some original, flyin by the seat of my pants creation that I'm making up as I go along. I'm using some yarn that I got in my package from The Donald, which I still haven't taken a picture of. I'm still looking for a pattern to use for the Sari Silk that my other SP sent. I need to take a pic, I know.
- I still love the Booga Bag I made. Oh, and I made another one while I was in Texas but I'm not sure I like it. I messed up on the handles and it's really sheddy. Not shitty, sheddy. It's wool, and it sheds like a cat.
- I just found on the floor my Neil Diamond 12 Greatest Hits CD, scratched deeply and therefore unplayable. Dammit. My kids are just brutal to anything that comes on a disc. CD, CD ROM, DVD, they're all laying on the floor just waiting to be destroyed.

Guess I better go investigate the Big Poopy Situation. I think I'll pop an Advil or three on the way...


DomesticOverlord said...

You crack me up. Somehow, someday, we must get together and hang out. I think it should be in a public place, we might even end up on the news. I can see the headline now: "Knitting moms menace Matt Lauer outside NBC building." I don't know why we'd be in New York or menacing Matt Lauer but it sort of sounds like something we'd do.

I can't wait for the movie reviews. I'll even give you my three word or less review of The Libertine starring Johnny Depp: Awesome! Syphillis sucks.

Penny Karma said...

Trying to decide if I would risk contracting syphillis for an evening of unbridled passion with my Beloved Johnny Depp... I'll have to get back to you on that.

amylovie said...

I met Monkee and her mother yesterday. She is knitting one of her famous shawls for the shop. She asked about you.

When a kid says he's sorry about a poop, you know you have a major situation on your hands. I hope you survived.


DomesticOverlord said...

Why not, PK? We have condoms AND antibiotics now, go nuts!