Friday, January 06, 2006

The Sissifying of America

Does anybody else think this is absolutely hilarious?

The 3 circles at the top are Bath Fizzies. Right above the green Puff (notice Yoda in Badass Pose) is a suction-cupped hook so you can hang it conveniently the wall of your tub. Also included is Jedi Lip Balm. It includes a clip feature so you can hook it on your Light Saber, lest chapped lips impede your quest for Intergalactic Domination.


Jennifer said...

HaHaHA, a yoda bath puff... Clean, I must become... heehee!

rincaro said...

My boys got that and the similiar batman bath set for Christmas. There were yellow fizzies included, which made it look just like you "pee-peed in the water" according to my sons.