Monday, March 06, 2006

Freecycle Find

So have I ever told you kids about Freecycle? It's the greatest thing ever. It's the place where people who are giving usable stuff away for free. It's fabulous. We've gotten the bulk of our HUGE record collection from Freecycle. We also got Beeb a computer. For free. I've gotten clothes for the kids, books and toys, all kinds of stuff. And it's also a great way to get rid of stuff you don't use. It's totally win/win. It's awesome.

So today, on a Freecycle pickup, I got 2 bags of goofy old Craft magazines. Not just knitting/crochet, but stuff like stenciling and quilting and sewing too. Here's an example:

Cardigans from Sweats. It's so not-funny that it's hilarious.


Bezzie said...

Holy crap! You're dredging up repressed childhood memories of fug! My mother made me a sweater/sweat/cardigan...whatever like that when I was shit in Jr. High. Except it had this fantabulous sailor collar in the back (you know those square collars that just hang down). Oh holy lord, I thought that thing was the shiznit. Could it be possible that fug is a hereditary condition? Female pattern fuggness?
And P.S. I LOVE freecycle! I regularly conduct "deals" in my office parking lot at lunch. Ha ha!

Penny Karma said...

Oh, there's more, my sistah. That was just on top of the pile. I may have to take several weeks and post Fug of the Day.

My sister is 6'2" and she used to wear those long cheesy pocket T-shirts with the gathered skirt sewn to the bottom to make - voila! Instant fugly dress! Gih!!