Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Monday

Glenn's on vacation all week. The nerve! This morning I woke up to this guy:

I got nuthin against Chris Higgins as a person, but he's just not The Z-Man.

I guess most people probably don't have the intensified level of Local Meteorologist Loyalty that I carry for my BLM.

In a parallel universe, I might possibly even go so far as to call my BLM a MILF (M = Meteorologist, in this case), but nah, I won't. That would be tacky. And I'm all about class, people. Right?

'Scuse me while I scratch my butt...

Getting me through this Z-Free week is the 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies we got yesterday. I think we've eaten 3 boxes already.

On the needles - I'm almost done with Booga. It's going so quickly, I'm excited! I wish I'd gotten a different color of the Kureyon, the one I have is kinda gray and green and I hope it doesn't felt into a funky depressing color. But now that I know I can handle this pattern I'm sure I'll do it again.

I've just got a few more details to iron out before we go on our trip. The kids are soooooooo excited!

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Genki said...

I just bought Kureyon for the Booga bag, I've been wnting to knit it for ages. Can't wait to see pics of yours! Hope you are okay without your daily dose of your weatherman.