Saturday, March 25, 2006

And... we're back!

How does one GAIN weight at Fat Camp? Contraband gelatto.

All in all, a great trip to see the folks. We did a LOT. Dad and I took the kids to see Curious George (or as I like to call him, Jorge el Curioso). Here's my review in three words or less: "Mmmmmm...naptime."

We went to visit my aunt and uncle (Amylovie's parents), where Ryan went toe-to-toe with my cousin Allen on Star Wars trivia. We went to Austin and saw the Bat Bridge and flew kites and rode the train in Zilker Park and I stepped in Fire Ants. I should mention that on the way to Austin, Tito barfed in the rental van. Delightful.

My mom and dad were super-cool and kept the kids a lot for us so R and I could do stuff together, it was really great. R and I went to a Spurs game and afterwards we got lost on the way to the most fantastic gelatto place. And we even went to Fredricksburg and made a pilgrimage to Stonehill Spinners. Cute little rustic building, but not the selection that Yarn Barn had. I did get some locally-spun stuff though, just for fun. You know, cuz I didn't have enough yarn yet.

Oh, and R DID freak out a teeny bit about my Yarn Barn spree. Oh well. He's at Best Buy right now buying the new Godfather Xbox game. So I think we're pretty much even now, as far as self-indulgent splurges.

And we also stopped in Luckenbach, Texas - population: 2. What a hoot. Here's me at the Luckenbach Post Office, which is closed on Wednesdays, in case you were planning a trip there.

Other amusing highlights from the trip include:

- Earl Abel's Fried Chicken (sensational!)
- Finding an Esquivel CD at Half Price Books
- Lunch at The Salt Lick
- Hiking to the top of the AT&T center to find our seats at the Spurs game
- Discovering "Burst Mode" on our new camera
- Ryan's bathtime announcement that went something like this: "Hey, Mom! I know girls don't have wieners, but if you were a boy, then you'd have a wiener - and you could stretch it like THIS!!!! (gleefully tugging on his scrotage)" Charming.

Then, when I got home I had two packages waiting for me! One from my Knitty SP6 pal and the other from The Donald, who is apparently acquainted with my Cheapass Secret Pal. Such fun stuff! I need to clear out my camera and post some pics of all this stuff. I also need to gather my stash for Flash Your Stash Day, April 1. I don't even know what I have in my Great Plastic Bin O' Yarn anymore.

It's good to be home! Kinda.

Nah, not really.


Zonda said...

Welcome back girl! Sounds like you had a good time!

Bezzie said...

Ok, Thank You for:

1. Calling it Jorge el Curioso--I thought I was the only one that called him that! (creepy man, creepy)

2. Posting pics and highlights of your San Antonio trip (I can't WAIT to live there!)

3. Preparing me for random little boy observations of their reproductive organs!

Ha ha!!!

Glad you had a good trip!!!! :o)

betzig said...

Hey there. I live in FL now but when I lived in Austin, I loved going to Half Price Books. Nothing like it here. Also, the food at Salt Lick totally worth driving out there. Love the pics.

Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady said...

Welcome back! I'm glad to see a new entry. I was getting sick of reading the old one. Sounds like a fun filled trip!

bensmumma said...

Oh! Stretchy weiners! One of my guy's faaaaaaaaaavorite subjects! (That and the fact that I don't have one... he seems to think I'm missing out on something!)