Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My name is Sarah... and I'm a Boogaholic.

Booga is felting as we speak. I hope it's done soon so I can put the straps on it tomorrow and take it to show my mom. She'll be impressed. She likes fun fur scarves, so it doesn't take a great deal of knitting prowess to wow her. I still can't believe I FINISHED something! That's so unlike me! I think now I'm down to only two UFO's. I'm so proud of myself. I can't wait to make another Booga!

Oh, and here's a proud Self Portrait Tuesday moment for my Inner Bargain Shopper -

Ok, you can't really see it, but I'm holding up the price tag for the sweater I'm wearing, which you also can't really see.

This sweater was originally $217 (the bogus "compare at" retail price TJ Maxx lists on their price tags). TJ Maxx started out by asking $129.99 for it. Sorry, but when I go into TJ Maxx, it's because I DON'T have $130 to spend on one stinkin sweater. But I digress... I peeled off the Clearance price stickers one at a time. The first markdown brought it down to $90. Whatever. Then $70. Keep going, TJ. Then $25. Almost there... and finally, I snatched it for $5! YAY!! The label says DELCANTO, made in Italy, 100% Merino Wool. I have no idea how much it would have retailed for, I can't imagine it would be $217, but who knows? I found a website that shows other items in the Delcanto collection. Click here. Doesn't list any prices, though.

Also at TJ Maxx, I got a cool fair isle cardigan by Ralph Lauren for $11 and an authentic Irish Import 100% wool cabled cardigan (like the ones they sell at The Shannon Shop) which is absolutely kickass! I got three sweaters for $26!



Jennifer said...

What great deals!

Stacie said...

ya dun good, lil' lady... I wanna make a Booga Bag, can't wait to see yer finished pic. Did you use the Noro yarn, which colorway???

Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

If I know your mom, and I think I do, she will be most impressed with your knitting prowess. And she will also be most impressed with your bargain shopping prowess.
As am I.

amylovie said...

I agree with Mom. From what I hear, Aunt Kathy is quite the bargin shopper. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


Lisa P said...

See that's what I'm talking about! Now that's a bargain! :D