Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ryanisms, Episode IV

Buncha stuff going on today.

Ry said sumthin funny.

He called me into the bathroom to wipe him, and as soon as I entered, he said,

"Diarrhea is not good."


*** Oh my gourd, I totally just realized I should have said "DUUUUH!!" in response to him! Dammit! That would have been brilliant! Ah, well.

In other news, my Beebie is gonna be a model! Well, kinda. She's going to appear in the American Girls Fashion Show as Kit, one of the Historical Character Dolls! We stood in line in vain for hours at two different casting calls (which each chose 30 names at random to be the models), and then we sent in this photo and they said Yes, come be Kit! What a lesson in perserverance!

Here's Beeb in her Kit jammies.

And here's a pic from the catalog with Kit, the doll she's gonna be dressed like. (The little girl in the pic below isn't Beeb.)

And one week from today, we will be at my parents' house. It should be interesting. It always is. Anyone with kids knows that a vacation with the kids is anything but a vacation. But I think we've got some fun stuff planned, and the kids are getting older and able to do more. We're supposed to spend some time in Austin to see my sister and her hubbypoo. Last time she had left her stash (and I'm NOT referring to yarn here, if ya know what I'm sayin) out on top of her entertainment center when the kids and my parents and I were there. Lovely.

And speaking of unhealthy addictions (although I don't think buying yarn kills brain cells, or does it?), I'm on day 9 of my yarn diet. I'm hanging in there. It's getting easier, actually. R doesn't think I can do it. And nuthin motivates me to do something more than knowing somebody doesn't think I can do it.

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veritas said...

yarn diets... see, i find with shopping diets, one tends to get stronger as time goes on. all that shopping desire is, however, quietly building up. and up. until one day.... you break.

the day you break is always a beautiful day. in terms of shopping. not money.