Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Omigah Omigah Omigah Omigah!!

Tito peed on the potty not unce, not tice, but FEE TIMES A MADY today! Sorry, I'm in Wookin Pa Nub mode, which is tomorrow.

He went at home, of his own volition (stopped playing trains, shouted "I HAVE TO GO!", then went into the bathroom), and later went at the babysitter's while I was Bellydancing with the Twitterbitches, and finally, during bathtime, he got OUT of the tub and went! Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay!

I'm so excited I could just burst into song, like this guy -

Incidentally, that bad singing just reminded me that I forgot to tell you Alfonso Ribiero was the Grand Champion of Celebrity Duets. I mean, in case you were wondering, as I'm sure you were.

And the Big Wiener Tuesday wieners are Poops and Sarah! They were the only ones who entered, and both were correct. The game that we gave Aldigirl that she already had was Cootie Jitterbug. Nice job.

And now, the next Simple Green Simple Question:

Last spring, when I was approached via email by a total stranger asking me to disclose my bank account information so that some rich widow could name me as her next of kin and transfer me nine million dollars, what did I tell the stranger my name was, and what was my family famous for?

Finally, in honor of my Bloggiversary today - Using a random number generator named Pie, I have randomly selected the big wiener of the Major Award. And the wiener is... BOB! You'll be receiving a Barnes and Noble Gift Card, a lil bitty bottle of Simple Green, a 5x7 photo of Mr. McFeeley, and a Clay Aiken CD! Congratulations!


Poops said...

Tito peed! On the potty! Fee times! WHEEEEEE! I may have a potty party here in his honor!

And I'm a WINNER baby! But you want to know what's sad? I didn't really have to look to find out this week's answer. Perhaps I should pass this week since I won last week? Like Candace Bergen when she won so many Emmy's for Murphy Brown that she took herself out of the running? Yeah, I'm just like her.

Cuz I totally know the answer.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to have some Miller Genuine Draft at my potty party today. With my friend Molly.

OldLadyPenPal said...

Can I change my name to Bob?

Way to GO Tito!!!! Peeing in the potty is so great, and what a MIRACLE that he got *out* of the tub to pee. Nicely done, young man, nicely done!

Bob said...

WOW! I love Mr. McFeeley! I'm so jealous you got to meet him. Happy Bloggiversary today! Congratulations on 365 days of blogging to the world on your terms! And congratulations on Tito's big step in becoming a little man!

Bezzie said...

Molly Beir, beer baroness!

And I'm also impressed with the getting out of the tub to pee. Chunky takes grand delight in peeing in the shower. Boys will be boys.

Bob said...

Oh wow, look at that, two Bobs. And I thought I was the only one that posted here. Curse this common name! I guess I should start going by my porn name or something, lol.

Happy bloggiversary today, too!

Sarah said...

Yay Tito! Those are some high pressure potties there - what with the distractions and uber-convenient body of water.

Penny Karma said...

Hey Other Bob, tell us your porn start name! My porn star name is Tawdry Webb.

Jessica said...

Happy Bloggiversary! How did you find that video?! It was odd to say the least. A white guy singing with Asian subtitle and musicians with black bags over their heads. It kind of creeped me out! LOL