Sunday, October 29, 2006

Best in Show!

So the party at the Science Center was kindof a downer. The fun special exhibits were closed. There were about four long lines that you got to wait in to receive one piece of candy, or, alternatively, you could wait in ridiculously long lines to make a cheesy craft, like color a picture of a pumpkin or something. Yawn. We can do that crap at home.

In comparison, Halloween at the Pevely Flea Market ROCKED. We happened upon this well-kept secret of local Halloween celebrations last year and we plan to make it an annual tradition. Basically, you can walk around to the various booths that sell all kinds of kitchy, useless crap and the kids can trick-or-treat for candy. The highlight of the day is the costume contest.

By the way, here's a little tip if you're thinking of attending next year's Pevely Flea Market Halloween Soiree - it's important (and amusing) to keep in mind that not everyone who looks scary is actually in costume. Some folks I could have sworn were wearing those fake "Bubba teeth". They weren't.

Anyhoo, here are some pics of the apes' costumes.

Pie as Harry Potter (complete with scar)

Tito as a Pirate

He had a hard time holding still for the moustache-drawing part.

Beebie was a surgeon, and she got quite offended when people would ask if she was a nurse. Way to defy those stereotypes, Beeb!

This is the Mad Scientist Hospital ID badge that R made for her to wear. It says "Chief of Icky, Very Gross, Extremely Bloody Surgery". It was well-received.

Here they are on the Flea Market Carousel.

And the costume contest winners were...

Beebie and Tito!

We thought Harry Potter would surely place, but when the judges asked him to cast a spell, he crossed his arms and pouted. So Tito won in their age group, and Beebie placed third in her age group. Pie was pretty miffed until he won a door prize of two movie tickets.

He was so miffed, in fact, that he said -

"If I'm ever in a pie-eating contest, I'm just going to throw the pies at everybody else." Interesting strategy.

Oh, and by the way, I live in the most dangerous city in the US. Perhaps I should suggest to the mayor that Power Panties become part of the standard issue STLPD uniform!


Amy said...

I had to laugh when I saw the two most dangerous cities in the US. I think they just wanted to add intrigue to the World Series with the lowest ratings ever. In re-reading that sentence I realize it could sound biased coming from a Yankees fan, but hey.
Your kids' costumes are great. Tito reminds me of my Ben.

Jo said...

I love your daughter's costume - and I'd be offended, too if someone had just asked me if I was a nurse! I had to snicker at the crooked moustache :) And I loved the Harry Potter costume - I assume you knit the scarf yourself?


Jessica said...

aw, your kids are too cute. Congrats on your daughter for getting mad. I would too!!! Although, with all that blood I wouldn't want her as my surgeon! I'm partial to Harry Potter though as I love the books and love when kids dress up as him! He's my fav! :)

The Fluffy Ewe said...

Great costumes!! Tito totally haas that "May I have more candy, please?" look going with those big ol puppy dogs eyes.

Bezzie said...

Classic costumes!!! I'm glad the public thought so too!

Too funny! I thought of you immediately when I heard STL was the most dangerous place to live!

DomesticOverlord said...

I showed Red Todd Kidd the pictures of your kids in the costumes and he was like, "Harry Potter, weren't YOU supposed to make a scarf like that for someone?" Don'tcha just love it when they do that?

The kids looked fab, someday we got to get our broods together. Prefferably on their own island while we watch from a safe distance. A safe distance with an open bar.

SuzannaBanana said...

Great costumes! I would have assumed Beeb was a surgeon, even without the badge.

The vision of the pie eating contest/assault made me laugh out loud. I don't know if it's a good strategy for winning, but you'd have to give him points for style.

cpurl17 said...

Your kids are so cute, they all deserve first prize! Even Harry Potter deserves a pout from time to time.