Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dude, Where's My Wiener?

Our Wiener this week is none other than Domestic Overlord!

Mr. Pie earned a whopping $7 for eating one bite of Anchovy Pizza.

And now, here is your next Simple Green Simple Question:

What did my dad give the African Seminary Students for Christmas?

Email me or leave a comment and if you're correct, your name will go into a drawing for some lovely lil bottles of Simple Green.

Why do I give out Simple Green? Cuz I emailed them to ask if Simple Green came in lil bitty bottles and instead of just answering me back "Why, yes, we do - thanks for asking!", the good folks at Simple Green Fed-Ex'ed me 96 two-ounce bottles of Simple Green. So now ya know.

My Social Calendar:

Ryan's friend Camille invited us to her house for a playdate today. I'm hoping that they'll see that other people's houses are a WHOLE lot cleaner than ours and maybe it will help me motivate them (and myself) to get their crap off the floor. Ryan's acting like a little shit, though, and if he doesn't turn it around in about 30 seconds we're not going.

Knitting News:

As far as Knitted Holiday Gifts, I've decided that this is the year of the Felted Bag. I'm midway-through my second Booga and I think it's one of my favorite patterns ever since I sprung for the Turbo Needles. I have enough Kureyon to make at least one more Booga, and I believe I might make a Sophie Bag and The Clutch You'll Never Give Up, too. My sister and my best friend both have birthdays right before Christmas. My mom's birthday is coming up next week. I started on a pattern and I effed it up really bad and had to start over and now there's no way I'll be done.

I won some faboo yarn from Knitmongrel's Acronym Contest. I'll put pics up of it and of my Booga-In-Progress.

And finally (insert dramatic drumroll)...

I have officially purchased my very last box of diapers! This is cause for a grand celebration! Maybe I'll get my nails done.


Bezzie said...

Oh the last box of diapers, how sweet!

I must state as a PSA: That simple green works GREAT at killing ants and spiders.

(And you said you weren't sending me any ant killer!)

Sorka said...

oooh I can't wait to get to the last pack of diapers!! woo woo woo!

Dan said...

Hold onto those diapers. If the Tigers come back and win I think they will be needed around St. Louie.
Awesome performance by Carp last night. Just what I expected from the Cy Young winner. We need to get the next two so we can get it to a game 7. I don't think Rogers can beat them twice.