Saturday, October 21, 2006


Yeah, I know I've been slacking on the TV talk Fridays. This week I didn't really watch most of my shows because there was this lil sporting event thing I was following.

Oh, and didja hear?

Say it with me, Dan - Yadi ! Yadi !!

So this week I watched The Amazing Race and the Coalminer Couple (who I love more and more every week) finished last in a non-elimination round. They're doing non-elinimation rounds differently now, and they get to keep their money and their stuff, BUT they have to come in first on the next leg of the race or else they get a 30 minute time penalty which would certainly put them in danger of finishing last. I think I like this new rule.

I forget what I watched on Tuesday.

On Wednesdays, R likes Heroes and Studio 60. And of course, we both love Top Model. I came across this awesome Top Model recap via Zantimissknit's blog, and I just have to point all you Top Model fans to the delicious snarkfest at fourfour's blog.

This week I missed Top Model, however, because I was out sportin' my Power Panties with FIL. AJ left. That bummed me out a little, but there are still lots of girls I like, like Carridee and the twins. I kinda like Brooke too. It's a great group this cycle.

Thursday I watched most of Earl (yet another classic episode) and Office, taped Survivor and flipped back and forth between ER and the Cardinals/Mets game 7, at Shea Stadium, which, in case you missed it... WE WON, in two out, two strikes, bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th dramatic fashion!

Yesterday not a damn thing was on so we watched Pierce Brosnan in The Matador. Thumbs Up.

And today is the kind of day where I would be some lucky sports fan's dream date. I'd love to have a few drinks and watch the Mizzou vs. K-State Homecoming game and then hang out and watch the CARDINALS IN THE WORLD SERIES.

And guess what? Tito has been in panties all day for two whole days now! Yes, folks, he has even gone "plunker" on the potty successfully several times today! And get this - he loves peeing away from home. Most kids pee before you leve to go somewhere, he wants to wait until we get there. Everywhere we go, he wants to go on their potty. Old Navy, Trader Joe's, even the Library has been marked as Tito's Territory. Hallelujah.

Yesterday at WalMart he waited until I was all the way done checking out and then he announced he had to go potty. I obviously couldn't push the cart into the bathroom, so I loaded up my arms with 8 bags and took him and Pie into the stall. And ya know how the urge to go potty can be kinda contagious? Yes, I set my bags on the WalMart Bathroom floor. What else could I do?

I made about $50 selling the halloween costumes. That means I have $60 until Friday. I could probably write a check on Thursday if I had to. I'm not worried.

Tito just told me he's scared of tomatoes. He said he has bad dreams about tomatoes. He asked if there are tomatoes where we live. I think he means Tornadoes.

I gotta start my holiday knitting. I have no idea what I'm going to make. This weekend I'll brainstorm and announce my chosen projects. I just got the 2007 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar so perhaps I'll peruse it while I watch...



Bezzie said...

Ha ha, I'm afraid of tomatoes (tornados) too!

OldLadyPenPal said...

What's the World Series?

And the Cardinals? That's the Arizona pro football team.

Did you know that the cable channel G4 will now be airing Arrested Development? It's true. G4 is a ridiculous name for a tv channel, but no one consults me before making such poor decisions.

amylovie said...

I heard through the grapevine that Aunt Kathy did a little recon for you at Yarntopia on Friday. I can't wait to show you my baby in person.


Dan said...

Good job by Reyes last night. Remember in '68 the Cards took game one on a great pitching performance by Gibson and still lost in 7. Can not stand Buck & McCarver. You can not walk Albert evry time a guy is on 2nd base. Edmonds is also a dangerous hitter. They went on and on about it. I think I will turn down the volume and go to ESPN radio for game 2.

Penny Karma said...

I agree with you - I usually turn on the radio while I'm watching too. I never understood why my dad used to do that when I was a kid!

I'm waaaaaaaay too young to remember the '68 series. ;)

Batty said...

I have to admit they're really good. I was rooting for the Sox the last time around, but since that's no longer an option...

Go, Cards!