Saturday, September 02, 2006

Still More Google Searches:

Aren't you glad I share these with you?

Poop Pants at WalMart On Purpose.
Megan Mullally Bra Size.

And, believe it or not, PUFFINGER.

I don't even want to know what that individual was hoping to find.

Speaking of Poop Pants (and I usually am), we have an update on the potty situation.

Yesterday, Tito, after about 40 minutes of sitting there, managed to pee on the potty! We were elated! Then this morning, right after waking up, I put him on the potty, waited about 40 minutes, and out popped a little plunker! I've gone pretty much cold turkey. He's in panties when we're at home, and if we go out someplace, he wears panties with a Pull-up over them.

Meanwhile, the preschool director called to say that they've come up with a solution that will allow him to go to preschool after all. The thing is, and I understand this, they're not equipped with changing facilities in the preschool room. I can send him in a pull-up, and they can help him go potty when the class goes, but if he poops, I have to go to the school to change it myself. Sounds a little crazy, but whatever, I'll play by whatever rules they set.

I just thought it was nuts that if he didn't figure out the potty thing, he wouldn't be allowed to go to school, since he didn't even want to go to school anyway and keeping him home with me would be giving him exactly what he wanted. This way hopefully he'll see the other kids doing it and he'll want to do it too. Or else it will fail miserably and I'll be up there changing poop so often I'll just say forget it. I guess we'll see.

Tomorrow we're going to Chez Inlaw. I've been asked to make the White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge that I took to Aunt Drama's last weekend, thinking MIL and FIL would be there and they weren't. Hope I have enough butter. Maybe I should buy a cow. Then R wouldn't have to mow.

And I'm currently knitting a baby kimono (from Mason-Dixon Knitting) for a shower I'm going to next Saturday. Hopefully I won't screw up on the finishing, as is my tendency. I also want to get some Lamb's Pride Bulky for a clutch purse I saw in One-Skein. And still my sock yarn sits in my basket, mocking me.

"Chicken!!! You can't make a sock! You're a crappy knitter! BRAWWWWWWWWWWWK BRAWK BRAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWK!!!"

"No, I probably could make a sock, I just know I'll probably finish one and then I'll never even start the second one, cuz something will come up like a baby shower or something."


"Ok, FINE! As soon as I'm done with the baby kimono I'll try a sock. Happy??"

"Oh, you're so fulla crap..."

Dang. My sock yarn sees right through me.


turtlegirl76 said...

Don't let that sock yarn be the boss of you! You show it you mean business!

Bezzie said...

It sounds like he's getting the hang of the pooping business. I think as long as you don't feed him raisin bran for breakfast every morning, you might not have to go up there.

My first socks sucked. Strike that my first three pairs of socks sucked. And quite honestly for being so "easy" they're not. It took me forever to find a pattern that actually explained a heel. And those online tutorials everyone raves about? Um, yeah, whatever.

cpurl17 said...

Your sock yarn is talkin' smack.

I love knitting socks (and they're purse portable--my version of never being bored while waiting in line).

(P.S. How wrong is it that I answer back to the TV when the Little Einsteins ask a question?)

Anonymous said...

Glad your son T is finding success on the potty, but um, does he know that you're calling his underwear "panties"? It's distinctly not manly, you know. What about just "underwear", "undies",
"underoos" or "big-boy pants"?


OldLadyPenPal said...

Bob, everyone wears panties.

PK, you can tell sweet Tito that today, while purposefully NOT sitting under a tree so as to avoid hypothetical dog pee, Iinstead sat in the grass, right in the squishy center of some actual dog poop.

Sometimes we're the dog, sometimes we're the hydrant.

amylovie said...

You can do a sock!!!! If you can knit on DPNs, you can rock the sock.


Zonda said...

Yes, you can do a sock!! We're right here with ya!! :)