Monday, September 25, 2006


Here are some highlights from our trip to the Pirate Festival:

My little swashbucklers in the costumes I got at a church rummage sale (grand total: $6). I even knitted them little eyepatches, which they both hated.

FYI, Tito's vest and shirt are both from Talbot's. I just thought that was funny.

Beebie and the Bawdy Wenches

Tito learning to shoot an arrow with the Archer (who was totally hot).

No, that's not me. And by the way, the front of that outfit is even more offensive. I mean, there's period costumes and then there's Fredricks of Hollywood. She was going for Shock Value. And it worked.

THIS is me. Next to a guy who's totally free-ballin' it under those pants. Tell me that's not HOT.

He was talking on a cell phone when I walked up to his Accoutrements Shoppe. So much for realism.

No, I didn't make the shawl. It also came from the Church Rummage Sale.

I had never been to a Renaissance Fair or a Civil War re-enactment or anything like this before. It was an absolute hoot. The kids had a blast. They even got to dig for buried treasure! They made their own beeswax candles and ate Captain's Cakes (funnel cakes to you landlubbers) and learned to fence and shoot arrows. I think we'll go back next year, and maybe I'll even dress up! I do have a leather bustier.

Y'know, I talk about so many different topics on here, I think I may have to implement some sort of schedule. Maybe Blogstalking Monday, Big Wiener Tuesday, Wookin Pa Nub Wednesday, Penny For Your Thoughts Thursday, TV Talk Friday, Weekend Wrap-Up in case I miss a day during the week (since I find that there's more for me to blog about when I actually manage to leave the house), something like that. I dunno. Suggestions? Funny how there's no knitting content in there. Hmmm... I might have to rethink the schedule.

Well, today I'll try to get myself current. Here are a couple of the Blog-looking assignments I promised you. I'm gonna go light on the commentary since they're pretty self-explanatory.


My Favorite Tools


The closest any of the Karmas has ever been to an actual celebrity.

Didja know Ben, Jay and Silent Bob are regular readers of my blog? It's true.

My Bookshelf

Yes, that's Hooray For Yiddish.

That's all I can remember. I hope I'm caught up now. I'll try to keep up with it better in the future, but scouring the internet for pictures for my Recurring "Wookin Pa Nub" segment is taking up a lot of my spare time. I'm not complaining, though. It's way more fun than laundry.

Here ya go, girls!

Step right up for the Gun Show, ladies!

Check the look on the baby's face. I think he's saying, "Dude, don't EVEN involve me in your Online Love Hunt, you sad, pathetic loser." Is that the guy's baby or his grandbaby? Either way, eeeeeewww!!

And what's up with the goatee plus full-beard stubble?

Kinda like dating a sugar bowl.

Whatdya wanna bet this guy shows up at the door with his loyal army of Oompa Loompas?

And, finally - y'know why this guy's last girlfriend broke up with him?

Cuz he was fuckin' goofy.

Thank you, thank you! I'm here all week!
Be sure to tip your waitress...


Bezzie said...

Oh dear lord, sometimes the hilariaty is too much! I totally think you should adopt a schedule.

Great quickie catch up too by the way! David Eddings! Ha ha, TMS reads those over and over and over and over again!

Penny Karma said...

That's all R's. I don't get into the Fantasy Genre. Unless it's Penthouse Letters.

OldLadyPenPal said...

GOD!!! what a genius idea! penthouse letters! ok, that would be blogstalking of a different sort and would gather the (perhaps!) wrong sort of attention. still, though, there should be a contest. Worst Penthouse Letters. i LOVE it!

yes, adopt a schedule.
man in the hat would show up in his plushie outfit.
your kids tweak my heart, they're so scrumptuous!

Bob said...

Amazing! A good percentage of those books are on my bookshelf, too! And stacked in the same horizontal stuff-it-in-cause-there-aint-no-mo-room style! Orman, Dr. Phil, Scriptwriting, Chicken Soup, Sewing books (my wife's, of course.) However, just wondering if my wife and I could borrow Light His Fire. Does that explain how to resign from playing with matches and operate a blowtorch?