Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big Weiner Tuesday!

I was gonna call Tuesdays Big Weiner Tuesdays because I was planning to announce Prizewinners on Tuesdays, but then I started to get concerned about the creepy Google searches I'd get. A search for "Joey Lawrence Bulge" recently led someone to behold my brilliance. I might have to think of a different clever title for Tuesdays. I love Wookin Pa Nub Wednesdays, so that's totally staying. And I'm happy with Blogstalking Mondays too. Tuesdays and Thursdays are what I'm having trouble nailing down.

Anyway, so there's still time to get in on the Bloggiversary Contest, if you haven't left a comment there yet. It's kinda blossomed into a "Songs we hope Clay Aiken Doesn't Ever Sing" discussion (with a little bit of Donny and Marie in there - or should I say "a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll"?),

And I know I just gave the last Simple Green Simple Quiz on Friday but I want to try out my newly-adopted schedule (ie Big Weiner Tuesday) so I'm going to go ahead and announce the answer. But first, a little background for those tuning in for the first time.

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Simple Green sent me 96 little bitty bottles of Simple Green in response to an email I had sent them months before asking if they made little bitty bottles of Simple Green. I don't have 95 friends, so I thought I'd come up with a fun way to get rid of them.

Each week-ish I will conduct a Simple Green Simple Quiz. It'll be a simple question that one could easily answer by reading my blog, and then I'll draw a winner randomly from the responses. The prize is, of course, a little bitty bottle of Simple Green.

The first Simple Green Simple Quiz was -

Complete this memorable sentence:
"Mom, hurry up and change my poop..."

Well, as I re-read the post I saw that the quote isn't exactly verbatim from the original, but the answer, as seen on the July 18th 2006 post, is:


And the Big Weiner is Fluffy Ewe! Send me your info and I'll send you some Simple Green! Can you stand the excitement?

And now, here is Simple Green Simple Quiz Question #2.

What game did we give Aldigirl for her birthday that she already had, prompting Mrs. Aldi to say "Oh, now you can have one upstairs and one downstairs!"?

I think I've actually told that story on the blog twice. You have a whole week this time.

And on a totally unrelated note, tell me if this isn't completely fucked up or if I'm just Stella Dallas-ing over the whole situation:

We're supposed to go out to the inlaws next weekend for a Hayride. We went last year, and it was really fun. Beebie and Aldigirl go to the same school, so Beeb asked Aldigirl if she was going to be at the Hayride at Gram & Gramps' place. Aldigirl said that she was not going to be able to come. Why?

There's a Brownie Troop Horseback Ride and Campout that night. Here's the thing:


I'm serious. I haven't received one single piece of information from the school (ok, not really from the school but given to Beebie at school, just to clarify) informing the parents of potential Brownies that a troop was in existence, not even an informational meeting to gauge interest in creating a troop since (to my knowledge) there was no troop. I wonder if the troop is purposely not having any public meetings. It hasn't been in the school newsletter (stuff like that usually is, even if it's not necessarily school-sponsored - the Boy Scouts' meeting was), nothing. It must all be word of mouth, like it's some underground thing. It's probably in the Brownie pledge to make sure Beebie Karma and her mom don't find out about the troop.

I swear to God it's a conspiracy.

The Brownie Moms have excommunicated us. Beeb doesn't care, she doesn't even want to do it, but still, it totally weirded me out that we have never been invited to participate in one single Girl Scout-related thing in the last three years. Yeah, I know I sucked as the leader, but I must not have sucked too bad or one of the other moms would have stepped in, but the only one who did was Dr. Eyeball, and everybody hated her (including myself). If they're worried that I'll try to take over as the leader or something, they needn't be concerned. I never even WANTED to be the leader in the fuggin first place. Perhaps they don't realize that I'm fully aware of how shitty a troop leader I was. Ha! Ya hearin' me, bitches? I KNOW I'M AN IDIOT! Take that!!!

Speaking of bitches, I had my Bellydance class last night, and these two little Twitterbitches kept talking and giggling and snorting throughout the entire hour-long class. I was ready to accidently smack them. Oops.


Sarah said...


You know I read you ever day, even if I don't comment.

Daily dose of PK.

But yeah, don't know about the simple green question!

ZantiMissKnit said...

I had no IDEA the Brownies now had a Mason-like secrecy to them. Maybe Aldigirl can "sponsor" the Beeb (but I guess if the beeb doesn't want to do it, it's a moot point).

turtlegirl76 said...

Don't blame the school. The Girl Scouts of America aren't affiliated with any school system. It's the responsibility of the local chapter to advertise they're existence. So the GS's suck not the school.

Penny Karma said...

Oh, I don't blame the school at all. I just figured that if the troop wanted people to know about it, they'd send a note home or post a sign somewhere.

The school sent home a note at the beginning of the year when the Boy Scout troop was starting up. It's the Girl Scouts that are the problem, absolutely.

Rachel said...

I was ready to accidently smack them.

I totally read that as "I was ready to accidently smack them with my ass". Something about reading your blog sends my mind straight to the gutter.

I'm not sure of the answer to the quiz, but I'm guessing Ants in the Pants. No one can have too many Ants in their pants.

cpurl17 said...

You know, if the GS have issue with you, that's their problem but to take it on your little girl by not inviting her to their reindeer games is just plain nasty and mean.

And kick the twitterbellydancin' bithces in the ass next time!

DomesticOverlord said...

Maybe it's the Brownie troop that feeds directly into the CIA?

Bezzie said...

Girl Scouts now, sororities later, then you turn 50 and get to be a twitterbitch with a red hat (sorry I have to start using that word more).

Life is full of girls grouping up. Just think of all the money you'll save on not having to buy all those uniforms, badges and cookies.

It's not your fault that they must only advertise at Aldi and you don't shop there.

Penny Karma said...

CPurl - I'm going to send you the movie Stella Dallas, just cuz I love you.

Poops said...

Cootie Jitterbug. I want some simple green. I too am a whore.

xoxo poops

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about the Girl Scouts. They never wanted me either - and yet I still turned into a quasi-responsible law-abiding citizen. And if pressed, I'm pretty sure I could figure out how to start a fire and craft a sit-upon, so screw 'em.

Oh, and has no one else has apparently taken blog stalking to my level: cootie jitterbug.