Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Because your entertainment is so important to me

Blogging has become my non-paying full-time job. As a result, I've been slacking on my Other Duties.

For example, my Reality-TV watching has taken a back seat. I didn't even discuss Celebrity Duets or Survivor last week. I'm sure you can guess that Celebrity Duets bit an ass. Xena sang with Dionne Warwick, Cheech sang with Aaron Neville, Hal Sparks sang Come Sail Away with Dennis DeYoung (and I sang along as Cartman - couldn't resist), Carly Patterson sang with some kid named Jesse McCartney that Beebie had heard of but I hadn't, Jai sang with Taylor Dayne, and Alfonso sang with Denise Williams. Finally, America has had enough of Carly. The fact that she outlasted Lea Thompson is kinda admirable, but not really.

The Amazing Race started last night and already I hate Rob and Kimberly, or, as they address each other, "Babe" and "Babe". And, friends, this is the week we've waited for all summer! New Earl, Office and ER! AND a brand new season of TOP MODEL! Oh, how I LOVE Premiere Week! And then there's Dancing With The Stars - it's overwhelming!

I wish I had the time that one of my loyal readers apparently has on his hands. Someone logging in via Mindspring.com from Wood Dale, Illinois and occasionally from dom.edu, (which my research indicates is Dominican University) has several hours to commit to reading my blog each and every day. Isn't that adorable? I'm so touched by his devotion! Case in point, according to my Site Tracker, this individual viewed my blog for a total of more than 9 hours last weekend (and more than 3 hours just today, before I even updated it).

I'm not in any way suggesting that people can't read whatever they want for as long as they want. The internet is a wonderful thing. Everyone is welcome to read any blog they choose to. And with all of the blogs out there to choose from, I'm really quite flattered when someone of such clearly superior intellect enjoys mine. But, frankly, I'm shocked that there's 12 hours worth of entertainment value there. I mean, my life's not even that interesting to ME. You know what I would do if I had an extra 12 hours with nothing to do? I'd go get a nice, long, rejeuvenating, non-sexual massage.

But I digress. Recently, I joined a group of fellow Knittyheads in a little game we're calling Blogstalking. It sounds a lot more nefarious than it actually is. Every week or so there's a new assignment, and the game is to post pictures on your blog of whatever the assignment is, and then the other people in the group stalk your blog while you stalk theirs to see their pictures too. It's obviously a non-literal, tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the word "stalking" (which I've been chastised for misusing), since we all know who's stalking us and they know we're stalking them too. It's more like Blog-Looking.

I've gotten embarrassingly behind in my assigned tasks, so I'll try to remember some of the recent photos we were supposed to take and post them soon.

I'm also behind on the ABC-along. I now submit O, P and Q.

O is for Organic - and I gotta tell ya, these Meatless Meatball things are REALLY good, even to a carnivore like me!

P is for Poor Tito! (P is also for Please don't call Protective Services.)

The handle from the kids' wagon whacked Tito in the eye. He didn't even cry so I didn't know anything happened until the colors started blooming the next day.

And Q is for Quick, Take a Picture - They're Quiet!

I'm still working on my lil surprise for my Meteorologist. I'm getting the hang of DPN's, finally - warming up my for my upcoming adventure into the world of Sock Knitting. I think I'm going to challenge myself to make one pair of socks during the month of Socktober. We'll see. Stranger things have happened...


OldLadyPenPal said...

and before you could say Inch High, Private Eye, there it was in all its lucid glory.

your kids know you really care when you blacken their eyes!

Zonda said...

Interesting blog vistor! hmmm..

On another note..poor Tito is right! I'm still waiting to finish knitting for "N" LOL! so I'm farther behind then you ;)

Dan said...

Maybe he isn't stalking. Could be that he reads your site last and goes about his business and doesn't close off his browser. I know on the weekend I will read my news in the morning and leave the computer on all day. Now I will be paranoid to make sure I don't leave your site open all day while I do errands.
You need to teach Tito that if asked about his eye he needs to respond, "you should see what a mess the other guy is in."
The little bad ass look should have the little girls swarming over him.

Bob said...

Aren't stat counters fun?! I find myself analyzing why someone in Russia is spending so much time visiting my blog. Am I gonna get a visit from the Russion Mob by some guy named Boris for borsch blogging?

Ya just can't analyze these things too much. Good luck!

Penny Karma said...

Dan, God love ya for giving people the benefit of the doubt. You're a good person.

Maybe it is wrong to assume the worst about people who declare themselves sadomasochists and imply that they derive sexual pleasure from other people's suffering, but I can see the pages viewed and the outclicks.

This blog's probably like pr0n for someone who gets off on watching people doing stupid shit. I'm a fuckin Darwin Award goldmine. For all we know, he could be whackin' it while he reads the story of me putting cornstarch in my hair.

Personally, I get hot and bothered when I recall Ray the Brafondler. But that's just me.

Bezzie said...

Lord knows I have to read a bit longer than normal sometimes. It's only usually because the boss/coworker comes up when I'm Beholding Brilliance at work.

Penny Karma said...

My #1 fan is logging onto it at 2am, though. Weird.

I mean, isn't that like prime porn-viewing time?