Thursday, September 07, 2006


Tonight is BIG BROTHER! And CELEBRITY DUETS!!! And the best part is that they're not on at the same time so the flow of my evening won't be messed up!

Big Brother FINALLY got interesting when Janelle's brain and spinal cord finally made contact and she evicted WILL! YAY!! Janelle and Erika compared notes and figured out that the boys had been promising them both the same things, so hopefully they'll stick together and get rid of the worthless leech, Boogie. Tonight is part two of the last HOH competition (Erika won the first part), LIVE. Should be good. If it comes down to Erika and Janelle in the end, I think I'd have to vote for Janelle. Personally, I wish there was a 24/7 live feed to the Jury House. That's where the real fun is.

And then, at 9/8 central is CELEBRITY DUETS! I'm all tingly with anticipation! If you missed it last week, I highly recommend you devote an hour of your time to this show before someone at Fox actually watches it and yanks the plug. I don't even want it to get good, I actually want it to contiune to suck, perhaps even spiral downward. Is that wrong?

And in a few weeks - DANCING WITH THE STARS!

In case you haven't seen the lineup:

Tucker Carlson: Bowtie-wearing MSNBC News Anchor

Joey Lawrence: sportin' the Howie Mandel 'do. He goes by Joseph now, kinda like how Debbie Gibson became Deborah Gibson. Whatever. WHOA, Blossom! (Did anybody else LOVE that show??)

Mario Lopez: SLATER, Greg Louganis, total hottie

Emmitt Smith: Football LEGEND. (What, you couldn't get Michael Irvin?)

Vivica A. Fox: Gorgeous actress, from Kill Bill

Harry Hamlin: From L.A. Law, Former Sexiest man Alive, married to Lisa Rinna (the ORIGINAL and best Billie Reed)

and GET THIS - Jerry Springer.

Former Mayor of Cincinnati who tried to run for Governor of Ohio but foolishly paid a hooker with a check, talk show icon (if you can call his show a "Talk" show), yes, THAT Jerry Springer. Won't that be sumthin?

and these people too:

Monique Coleman (Actress), Sara Evans (Singer), Willa Ford (Singer), and Shanna Moakler (Beauty Queen/Actress)

I want my Bad TV!

Here's some other stuff that's goin' on -

I'b sick. I habba code.

Tito has begun referring to himself in the third person. It's so annoying.
Example: I'll say, Hey Tito, c'mon, let's go try on the potty!
And he'll say, Tito no wanna go potty.

Tito made it through Day One of preschool without a "Code 2". He went to the potty and tried when everyone else went, but nothing came out.

Y'know, I just wanna apologize for all the Potty Talk in this blog. I really should talk more about knitting. The Baby Kimono is currently blocking and awaiting seams. There ya go. Minimal Knitting Content. Oh! And I got a swift!

Beebie is running for Student Council. She ran and lost last year, and she handled it gracefully, so I'm proud of her for running again.

Pie had his photo taken for a Fundraising Brochure for the facility that provides his Aquatherapy. The photographer thought he was a hoot. I can't wait to see how the pics turn out.

R ran over a stump while he was cutting the grass and killed the lawnmower. So we bought our third mower in as many years.

I'm still going to aerobics. Bellydancing starts on the 18th.

That's about it. But before I go, More Searches that lead to my blog:

I think I may just compile them all onto one page.

Mariska Hargitay in Thong Panties.
Fox2 News City Knits
Bra Whisperer.


Cheryl said...

I'm with you.. I want my bad tv too!!
Survivor and Amazing Race are coming on SOON! (YAY!!!) Let's embrace the controversy of the separate races on SURVIVOR! Why aren't there teams of Inuits or American Indians, or maybe even AMISH!!!
AMISH SURVIVOR!!!! Of course they couldn't watch it, but......
Didn't Emmit Smith dance in the last dancing one?? or was he on the skating one???
What do you think Little Richard is stoned on when he is on Celebrity Duets?
My son will still occassionally say "me want something or other" and we respond. Me want you to speak more goodly!

Penny Karma said...

Amish Survivor! They'd totally run the place while everyone else would be bitching about having no electricity.

Last Season's Dancing With The Stars had Jerry Rice, I think.

When R and I were in Hollywood a few years ago we saw Little Richard in the hotel lobby. He doesn't look like Little Richard in real life, other than a sequined baseball cap. I kinda have more respect for him now that I know he doesn't walk around in full makeup and wig all the time.

Me want me Bad TV!

artemis9976 said...

yay for bellydancing knitters!

what style are you taking?

and to be totally honest, the poo talk cracks me up so keep it coming...

Penny Karma said...

Here's the website for my Bellydance class. I think the style is Salimpour (?).

lynnm said...

I love Celebrity Duets! Marie Osmond and Little Richard as judges? You can't get better(worse) than that! I will be right there watching too.

Bezzie said...

Wait didn't they do some PBS reality that could sorta be an Amish Survivor? Prairie House? Something like that?

Keep the potty talk coming. It makes the parents feel normal (Chunky has also started talking to himself like that...the answering part is a little unnerving) and gives non-parents an idea of what they're in store for (possibly) one day!

techygeekgirlknits said...

Thanks for keeping me up to date on BB...only reality stuff I watch, but have no time... And I love hearing about the further adventures of poo...what a hoot!

OldLadyPenPal said...

Ok, every time the Little Richard Geico commercial comes on, absolute silence immediately folds around us. And then we laugh (and by we I mean I) until there is no more energy. Have you seen it?

And am I the only person who watches, or admits to watching, The Flavor of Love? "I know my weave is busted, but I still got it!"

Dan said...

You forgot about the start of Football.
"Foos-ball? Buncha overgrown monsters man-handlin' each other. It's the devils game."--Mama Boucher

turtlegirl76 said...

Argh! Janelle! My Janelle! God Damn you, Mike Boogie! HAAAAAATE!

I DVR'd Celebrity Duets because of you. I can't wait to see the bad tv!