Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What'd I Do Today?


If you haven't been following this, you're really missing out.


jackt said...

Nice! We used to have one of those in LA but they shut it down a while back so now it's just a brewery!

Stacie said...

how did I miss that? I thought I was a somewhat loyal reader... what the fug??

Ed said...

I love it that you took the family to the brewery...I still have only been there the one time with you and R


JRS said...

Those pictures of you wearing that thing to AB cracked me up! What kind of looks did you get from everyone on the tour?! Now you just need to take it up to the top of the Arch.

If I figure out a pattern for John Taylor legwarmers (what a great idea!) I'll send you the pattern. And I know you said John is yours, but I'm willing to share him with anyone *except* my sister! And the next time you're in Knitorious and you see some crazy woman piling up on the yarn and humming "Notorious," you'll know it's me.