Friday, June 02, 2006

When it rains, it floods.

My basement, that is.

Today's been like running in a wheel - scoop up a load of sopping wet laundry from the basement floor, toss it in the washer (performing a thorough check for renegade crayons which have been infiltrating my washloads recently, but that's a rant for another day), go upstairs and wash a sinkload of dishes in order to make room in the sink for the next pile of dirty dishes awaiting me on the kitchen table, separate feuding siblings, move laundry to dryer, ponder whether the cost of a cleaning lady would outweigh the price of my sanity, scoop up another load, take dry clothes upstairs to sort and distribute to rightful owners, separate feuding siblings, dry the dishes in the rack on the clean side, wash some more dishes, move more dirty dishes to sink, make lunch for feuding siblings, put on a Little Einsteins DVD, grit teeth and mutter unintelligably about the brazen ungratefulness of my unappreciative children, repeat.


I'm not feeling too particularly eloquent today.


jackt said...

That was very eloquent, btw. The whirlwind was very effectively conveyed. Little Einstein DVDs scare me.

zibibbo said...

Renegade crayons are an Internation Plot of the colorist kind!

Major suckage there on the flooding eh.

The Fluffy Ewe said...

Thank the Lord you were busy enough with chores that you didn't have to sit an endure the singing of one tone-deaf Annie. We no longer speak the words Little Einsteins in our house.

Here's a multitasking tip for you. Take the dirty dishes down to the basement and squirt dome detergent around and agitate clothes and dishes a la Lucy with grapes. Viola! Clean dishes and laundry.

Sorry your day was so crappy but as Jackt said, you coveyed the whirlwind quite nicely.

Penny Karma said...

Now THAT is an idea.

Bezzie said...

Ah, they'll appreciate you when you're dead (that's what I keep telling myself anyway).

Genki said...

That sucks. Does it help if I say that your blog is my favourite one to read? I've been meaning to say hi and that I love reading your blog for a while now. You write so well, and make everyday (well, kinda everyday!) situations come alive with hilarity!