Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Trashcan Jenga

Do you play this game at your house?

The game where you and the other people you live with stack, stuff, and intricately balance the various items of trash as high as possible until someone else empties the trashcan? There's something almost Zen about it. The amount of skill, patience, and concentration involved in mastering this game, ironically, far outweighs the physical exertion involved in ACTUALLY EMPTYING THE TRASHCAN.

We've been playing an ongoing version of this game for years. I've been losing. To clarify, by "losing" I mean that I'm the one that concedes defeat; giving up on my creative balancing ability and taking out the trash.

Most recently, the trash in the Master Bath was piling up to where the sink was in imminent danger of being completely covered. I don't even want to tell you what was in the trash, but I'm sure you can imagine. It was BAD. So bad, in fact, I felt it necessary to immediately employ a new strategy -
The Mind Fuck.

I proceeded to wield a jaded barb at my Trashcan Jenga Opponent:

"Um, hun? Is there anything in this trashcan that you particularly wish to, like, save?"

Apparently caught off-gaurd, he paused, then answered No.

I sighed "OK", then emptied the trash with all the audible drama I could possibly create.

It remains to be seen whether this New Trashcan Jenga Strategy proves effective.


Bezzie said...

Ha ha! No, we do this with dirty dishes instead. (No dishwasher) Very similar game--how long can we go without having to wash them? And how precarious can we pile them on the 2'X 1' counter? It's gotten to the point where I've eaten off the lids to tupperware bowls cuz I was too lazy to wash a plate. Ha ha!

Cheesy Knit Wit said...

I have to admit, my household is guilty of the trashcan thing sometimes. LOL

I gather from your "day off" post, you did not make it to Springfield.

Take care.

Penny Karma said...

Au contraire! We did make it to Springfield yesterday, spending a total of seven hours in the car for an uneventful two hours at our destination. Springfield was closed. We had pizza at McSalty's and Custard at Andy's. I got the James Brown Funky Jackhammer, which I would heartily recommend. Then we went home.

R decided he'd rather "putz" around town than have an actual, y'know, PLAN, so the day was little more than "R gets his kicks on Route 66" day, but whatever.

jackt said...

Hahhaha this is so funny. My wife always loses because she is super OCD about having to take out the trash when it's starting to get full.

Jennifer said...

*snicker* Trashcan Jenga, the new marital game. We play it here too, and I always lose as well. I've been thinking of putting the trashcan on his desk in front of his computer. I wonder if that would work?

DomesticOverlord said...

I always win at trashcan Jenga because I cheat. I rig the trash to fall all over the place when the next person comes to put something on it knowing that my dh doesn't have the heart to pick up all the trash and then not take it out.

Stacie said...

good luck! We played a version called Speed Jenga, where you must make noise and call your opponent names, while they only have 30 seconds to complete the move. Maybe add this to the trash version?? Works best with added beer.

turtlegirl76 said...

Heh. I play this game with the cats, only the trashcan is only half full when they tip it over. They suck at this game.

Oh - and I like the new colors on your template!

Cheesy Knit Wit said...

Oh man! All that way for pizza and frozen custard, but hey, it was a road trip, right?

I wanna meet you, so next time you're in town, I will PLAN for us to do something fun, like yarn shop, and eat somewhere funky. Funky....I like that word.


MadDog Knitting said...

Hah, we play trashcan jenga at work. It is amazing how high 7 people can stack a trash can by Fri afternoon.

cheapy.sheepy said...

ewe know, my friend lester eats from the trashcan. he's a goat.

p.s. how old is pie? and what's beeb's favorite color?

Sharpie said...

I ALWAYS lose - but I hate a full trash can - especially because we have one of those automatic opening/closing ones and if its too full it will keep opening until you fix it! ;-)