Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dang. Just when I thought I was a genius.

Mr. P had been bugging me for weeks to Knit him a Harry Potter Wand.

So I did. He loved it, and I was prouder than proud. I don't know where it is right now, but when I find it I'll post a pic. I used brown wool and knit a long skinny rectangle, then I felted it and stitched it closed around a piece of wire. Pretty clever, no?

Then I saw this, via the Crochet Dude's blog.

Becky crocheted HOGWARTS. The whole thing. I'm, I'm... Speechless. Wow.

But, perhaps I sell myself short. Why do I say this? Because, on occasion, I have an idea that seems to catch on.

I had an idea for an online Oscar night party. People participated and even submitted pictures! I myself wore the Fuggalicious Cookie Monster Roadkill Wrap, as you may recall.

Then came the Fug-Off.

I submitted Cookie Monster Roadkill as my entry, and ironically, in return, I got a purse in roughly the same shade of FunFur that I had just gotten rid of.

Lucinda got a really big sweater, Bezzie got a scarf, CookNKnit got a purse, Cpurl17 got a sweater that scares me, and Domestic Overlord got a full Fourteen Feet of Fug.

Turtlegirl got a scarf that she clearly enjoys. Isn't she cute??

And if you haven't seen what the Cookie Monster Roadkill has been up to lately, you should check out the Muppet Shawl Adventure on Dkswife's blog.

And now, my most recent brainstorm. The Fug-A-Blog, aka "Fug. The World Tour".

Here's my post on the ol' Knittyboard:

WHAT IF - we held a FUG-A-BLOG? Here's how it would go:

If you have a UFFO (2nd F is, of course, for FUG) or some remnants of Fug Yarn that you'd like to purge from your stash, then you can play too.

Of course, it would begin with a single Fug Item. And then, when the Fug arrives at your door, you would take a pic of it and post it on your blog, then affix some of your own homegrown Fug onto it, however you want. Stitch a scarf to a purse, or just embellish it with Patons Pebbles or Disco or something. Whatever your fiendish little mind can dream up. And then you send it to the next person, and they add their Fug to the already Fugly Fug.

Perhaps with all that Fug in one place, it will burst into flames and be swallowed by the Earth.

And there are people who are willing to play! I'm so glad!

So if you're a gamer, let me know and I'll get you on the list. And someday soon, you'll have Fug waiting on your doorstep!

Think I could put Mistress Of Fuggery on my resume? Right next to Goddess of Fookery?

And here's a Bonus Ryanism:

Ryan: MOM!! Beeb's being a BUTT-ASS!

Me: (snort!)

Beeb: Ry, you mean DUMBASS...

Me: Beeb, could we please just not even go there?

Ry: Mom, Dumbass isn't a PLACE. We can't go there.

Last night at Nat's school Carnival I heard Little T say "G.D. it!" when he spilled his BINGO card. I hope nobody else heard him. I gotta clean up my effin language.

Oh, and Beeb says "Happy Cinco De Mayo to my Peeps!"


Bezzie said...

I can't wait for this fug a blog thing to start. I just don't want it first! I must let my mind perculate some fugliciousness.

Mistress of Fuggery. Crazy Genius, take your pick of monnikers. It's nice to know there's that small sect of crazy creative people out there that truly appreciate things like the Fug Off!

Post a pic of this want. I'm curious now. I love felted toys...

DomesticOverlord said...

Hey, I knit the OoS before I met you...

Beeb looks just like you in that pic, I think it's the hat.