Friday, May 19, 2006


Look at this link that DAN just emailed me -

I feel like I'm looking at Solid Chocolate Porn in a Candy Shell.

I need a cold shower.

ADDED: YES, kids, they are that good. To give you an idea of how just how good they are and how elated I am by the possibility of ordering them, I updated the bank balance today. THAT, my friends, should tell you something.

Of course, that was due mostly to the fact that I got a little (ahem) not so good notice in the mail, but the fact that I can eat all the Mini Eggs in my stash and not worry about having to wait until next year to stock up again takes some of the sting out of being Slightly Overdrawn.

ALSO ADDED: After emailing the Property Mismanagers for the third time in the last two weeks (not counting the tactfully direct Enclosure I sent along with my Rent Check), as I look outside my back window right now, there are people removing the downed trees. What I find so egregiously rude, however, is that still, NO ONE FROM THE OFFICE HAS ACTUALLY COMMUNICATED WITH ME. Not even to say "Hey, got your note and we'll have someone out there." or even "Relax, Bitch, we're on it, quit nagging us." I am completely appalled at the lack of common courtesy communication I have received from (drumroll)...


There. It's out. I'm tired of giving them the respect of protecting their anonymity. Fuck them.

Dear Elite, I appreciate that you sent someone out here, finally. Really, I do. It's now obvious that you've received my messages. Would answering JUST ONE of them have taken that much time out of your day? Just a tiny acknowledgement would have eased my mind and given me a far better impression on the company to whom I write a big fat check every month. But until I saw today that said check has cleared, I would have thought that no one worked there anymore. I'm still not 100% convinced that anyone does.


jackt said...

Hahahah are they really that good?!

Dan said...

Glad you enjoyed the link

Elspeth said...

I can taste them right now. Amazing!

Jenn said...

I was in London last spring before easter and ate way too much Cadbury chocolate. It's so much better than American milk chocolate! I'm glad someone found this link because I've been jonesing for some Flake!

JRS said...

Enjoy the eggs!

Here's another temptation: I just got an email from Knitorious. They're having their Spring Sidewalk Sale tomorrow (Sat the 20th). Not only do they have stuff on special, but other knitters are bringing stuff from their stashes to sell.

Waaaah! For once I wish I were going to be in Missouri!

artmomma said...

Mmmmmm, Cadbury mini eggs really are that good. My sister refers to them as "candy-covered chocolate orgasms".

turtlegirl76 said...

Elite huh? They may want to rethink that name. Isn't there a law against false advertising?