Monday, May 15, 2006

Ok, real quick -

I was about to go to bed and I read my email one last time.

Remember my mini-rant about BASIC USAGE? Look at this actual email I received only moments ago from a fellow Freecycler. Italics added by me.

Subject: [freecycle-stl] Wanted: Misc. Items please read

Hello, needing some stuff for my mother in law. She is moving into her own place she as been living with us for a while and she doesnt have really anything expect for a bed and a tv that we have bee usin she had a house fire while back and nothing survied though it, so she is needing,

Hand Mixer, Can opener, Bowls,(mixing bowls and ceral bowls), Anytype of plates, silverware, pots, pans, silkets, drinking cups, plastic dishdranier, potholders, kitchen towels, toaster,and any kitchen cooking unitals.

Ok, I didn't get nitpicky with the punctuation or sentence formation when it was possible to figure out what this person meant, but what the hell are Cooking Unitals? The word sounds like a combination of Unit and Genitals, which I hope to GOD he's not using as a utensil to stir the soup. I actually love ceral bowls (My dad pronounces Cereal as Ceral, so this amused me), and Silkets (which I assume means Skillets), and I think Dishdranier is the Prince of Monaco, right?

Sorry about the house fire, I'll put together a bag of stuff for you, that's the Heart of Gold part of me. And I'll even throw in a bonus Dictionary. That's the Evil Genius part. Or the Bitch part. Po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to.


jackt said...

Cooking unitals are similar to cooking genitals, which are much more tasty when deep fried rather than roasted. :)

Penny Karma said...

Oh, ya mean like Lamb Fries! Well, that makes sense... I guess...

Elspeth said...

I've seen some bad grammar, but that is bad. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, though, that they aren't college students or even lawyers (where I've seen the bad grammar). But I will say two words "grammar" "check". Microsoft Word has it.