Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yeah, it's my third post today - SO WHAT??

I'm bored. Beebie's at her fashion show practice. Mr. Pie's at a Jedi Training Academy birthday party (which looked like SO much fun). Tito Mosquito is sleeping on the sofa. R's at work.

I'm bored.

It's so weird how I'm literally never alone, and yet, right now I'm feeling incredibly lonely. I'm fully aware of what an isolated existence mine is. Irony, wouldntcha say?

I suppose I could do laundry or clean something.

God, I'm hilarious (wiping tears of laughter).

Instead, I shall post three long-overdue pictures.

I suppose I could give the pics a clever title and count them in the ABC-along too, since I'm a few letters behind. So, here we go -

Extremely Fun Goodies.

This is the package of yarn that The Donald sent on behalf of my Cheapie SP, Ivana. I wish the colors had shown up better, they really are lovely. And there's a pattern for a felted bag, since I'm clearly an addict now. Notice that I'm already making something. That's the Seat Of My Pants Bag that I'm making up as I go along. Oh, it's gonna be freakin' righteous.

This is from my SP 6 - and it's not a good picture, but it's an uberfantastic package. She sent a tote bag which I TOTALLY needed (and love), some Sari Silk Yarn (wound into balls so I wouldn't have to do it), some hand-made Sushi-shaped thumb tacks (which are brilliant), some really neat hand-made crystals (which you can't really see in the pic but trust me, they're awesome), and some stitch markers(currently in use).

This is the purse I made out of two different weights of Lopi while riding in a minivan across Texas. The black is Lopi Lite, the pink, regular Lopi purchased at Yarn Barn. I think it came out ok, other than the shedding and the fact that it's really, really itchy.

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Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see that you are exhibiting first order leadership skills by altering your paradigm and demonstrating a synchronisity by boldly designing your own knit-wear. That's the kind of initiative that I award with an apprenticeship

(Please love me more than Ivana.)

The Donald