Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wanna See Our Righteous EARL Score?

Here, my friends, are pics of the Bamboo Shades we Liberated from the front lawn of a house in a Raw-ther Nice Neighborhood, shortly after we bought beer on Easter Sunday.

The more I think about it, the whole event does have a certain Earl Flair to it.

But check out how cool these shades look in our trailer... er, house! It doesn't show in the pics, but the thread sewing the pieces of bamboo together match our drapes and carpet perfectly. They totally enhance the Tiki Lounge theme, dontcha think? Oh, I just love them. And for free! Well, only the cost of dignity, which, well, let's face it... my dignity is long gone.

And P.S. - Thank you all for the "I take stuff from other people's trash too" comments. Glad to know my peeps are in the hizzay!


Pyewacket said...

OMG, those look awesome! I bet they didn't look half as good in the raw-ther nice place.

Every once in awhile Pokermon and I will look at each other and say, "meantime, I'm gonna be buck-naked out behind the trailer waitin' for my hot tub!"

DomesticOverlord said...

Y'all done gone and made yer trailer the purdiest one in the whole park!

Seriously though, when we moved we got rid of a bunch of stuff. Took it all out of the apartment out to the lawn by the street. The downstairs neighbors watched us put all this stuff out there and waited until we were done, THEN they went and took it. It would have saved us like a half hour if after the y saw us put out the "free" sign they said, "Hey we'll take some stuff if you're getting rid of it." Nope, not a word until we were done. Ugh.

Bezzie said...

Damn, that's a score!!!

Who doesn't take cool trash? There was this jawesome end table out by the dumpster this morning...I didn't take it only cuz I didn't want to pack it up in two months!

Stacie said...

lookin good! I made the I-cord wormy, thanks for the idea! The wormy pet that won't die... free stuff, YAY!

Elizabeth said...

Nice shades! Yeah, I grew up with parents who loved to dumpster dive... one person's trash and all that.

It's amazing what people will just discard... some of my most treasured items were things gleaned from free bins, curbside, and, occasionally, I revel in dumpsterland too ;-)