Monday, April 03, 2006

As Seen on TV - ME!!

Y'all are not even gonna believe this.

There I was, mindin' my own business, when suddenly...

(Don't all the best stories start out that way?)


The sky was really dark, and then the wind started whipping around really bad, blowing our white trash porch decorations all around the yard, and then instantly the sky just unleashed a freakin hailstorm like I have NEVER seen.

The wind was so loud we couldn't hear the tornado sirens until the worst of it was over.

And Tito didn't want to go to the basement anyway because it was "Too 'Pooky".

Pieces of our neighbor's roof landed in our driveway. Our biggest tree fell, somehow splitting a neighbor's tree and falling, voila! Right onto our power lines. Oh, and it also ripped out the spot where the electrical lines attach to the house. This is when I'm glad we rent. But I haven't heard back from the leasing company yet, which concerns me a little.

And here's the kicker.

I'm in the backyard surveying the damage, and who should walk down my driveway but METEOROLOGIST CHRIS HIGGINS, with his cameraman. See my March posts for the pic. He's Fox2's weekend weather warrior.

Yes, I'm a teeny bit sad that it wasn't my BLM, but this was still just hilarious. He just showed up at my house. Just walked right up to where I was talking to my mom on my cell phone, and set up his little ol' tripod and taped me describing the drama to my parents. The kiddos were mugging and acting like idiots, of course, but thank God, they were edited out. Nat told Mr. Higgins that her mommy thinks Glenn Zimmerman is really cute. Thanks, Nat. Glenn, if you're reading this, Chris had nothing but nice things to say about you. And he was very nice.

So kids, I made the local news. And I couldn't even freakin see it because the power was out. Probably best that way, I'm sure I must have looked hideous.

I'm coming to you now from my local Library. See how important you all are to me, my babies?? I got nuthin but love for ya. And a freezer full of ice cream, if you wanna swing by and help yourself before it all melts.

So if I'm not online for the next few days, please understand. I'll have pics posted as soon as I can.

Peace out, PKP!


Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady said...

Yikes! I don't know if it was a tornado or not, but damn woman! That's scary as hell.

I'm glad you guys are ok :)

Bezzie said...

Holy shit! I can't stand tornados or strong wind...freaks me the hell out. I'm so glad you guys didn't pull a Dorothy!

Cathy said...

I'm glad you are all ok! How scary!!!

Stacie said...

wow! On TV! Did ya pitch to Ellen? That may have been yer big break! Maybe Terry was watching? Hope the lights come back on soon!

monkeemaven said...


turtlegirl76 said...

Wow. I'm glad to hear you're safe and sound.

Sarah said...

Dang! I'm just glad you guys are safe! You know, 27 people died in those storms!

Heh heh, I like your kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're alright and everything....but did you have to flash your tits and scream, "THINK THAT WAS DESTRUCTIVE?? CHECK OUT THESE TORNADOS!!!"

Damn girl.


cpurl17 said...

Wow! It took a tornado to bring you two together! Now that's a love that is strong!

Penny Karma said...

Oh Chris,

Don't misquote me, silly goose - I said "I GOT YOUR WARM FRONT FRIGHT HERE!" when I flashed my tatas.

A little meteorological humor there.

Very little.