Thursday, April 13, 2006

My favorite Easter story

Just before Easter, when Beebie was about 3, we were at WalMart.

It gets funnier. Stay with me.

We were about to get into the Check-out lane, when on the intercom we heard,

"Attention, WalMart Guests! The Easter Bunny will be making an appearance over at the Customer Service Desk!"


So R said okay, and the two of them walked hand-in-hand over to the Customer Service Desk, which was out of my range of vision.

A minute or so later, I saw R walking back toward me, nearly doubled over, giggling silently to himself. Right behind him was Beeb stomping angrily, arms folded and scowling.

"What's goin' on?", I asked R.

And R explained that Beeb had skipped right over there to see the Bunny, and as soon as she saw that the Easter Bunny was about 6'2", she yelled, "HEY!!! YOU'RE NOT THE EASTER BUNNY! YOU'RE A MAN!!! YOU'RE A MAN IN A COSTUME!"

(Looking back, I'm kinda surprised that she didn't use the phrase "What the F@CK??@!!")

The other customers (and even the employees) snickered as she stormed away, as pissed off as a 3-year-old can be.

Can't sneak nuthin past my girl. Don't even try.

My second favorite Easter story is the year that R tried to trim Beebie's bangs, and quickly learned that there is a big difference between Boy Bangs and Girl Bangs. And he won't be trimming ANY bangs ever again. If I can find the picture of that, I'll put it up for your amusement.

After we see if I survive this Easter Brunch at Chez Inlaw, I'll tell the story of my Least Favorite Easter Experience.


Bezzie said...

Holy shit that's funny...hate to see what she'd say to Santa!

(I think all father's have that experience...I've got a bang picture like that too from my younger years)

Pyewacket said...

That is AWESOME! Smart girl! *giggling*

turtlegirl76 said...

Ha! hahahahaha! That's awesome.

It's a good thing my Dad never tried to cut my hair. He's got a brush cut.