Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today was a very good day.

Any day that starts out with a big-time yarn score at a garage sale and ends at a library listening to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot) is a very good day. The only bad thing that happened the entire day was that the person right in front of me in the line to buy her book Knitting Rules got the VERY LAST ONE. I knew I should have bought one prior to going, but I thought, oh, they'll be selling it when she's there and I'll have her sign it and I'll be the coolest knitter that ever was... and I had nothing for her to sign. I thought asking her to sign my boobs would probably have been raucously funny both to Stephanie and to me, but probably nobody else. I did, however, remember to take my camera, like a true KnitBlog geek.

I have never been so aware of what a dork I am. And what made me feel the most like a dork was how badly I wanted all the other dorks to like me. Total Junior High flashback.

I got all of the knitting jokes. They were funny. The more I heard her talking and being completely down to earth and boisterously funny, I felt like I was at a SciFi/Gaming convention and somebody made a Trekkie comment that only a fellow Trekkie would understand. It was totally surreal. It felt like I'd unknowingly joined a cult. And it was great.

First, lemme tell ya about my garage sale score. I got a Pottery Barn Kids duvet cover, a kickass vintage leather briefcase, Born sandals, kids' clothes, a sweater for me, and... 13 balls of vintage wool and a just-started sweater already on the needles (needles included) and vintage pattern books from 1947! (Yes, I bought yarn. Nat told me to make sure I confessed on my blog.) Oh, they're so COOL. I was giddy. Then I thought, God, I'm a knitting geek. I was never a Band Geek, never uttered the words this one time... at band camp..., but I imagine being in a room full of fellow knitters and wishing I could be as cool as they were, I guess it's like longing to be First Chair. Man, there were some really cool knitting totes. Sigh.

Then, we went to The Mall to look for a tacky First Communion gift for my niece. I was hoping to find a Bible with a leopard-print cover, but R found an ubercheesy Precious Moments Rosary Combo. I also picked up a couple of Parenting Books, one written by Lisa Welchel, who you might remember as Blair from The Facts of Life, back in the day. It sounded interesting. I'll review it eventually.

Oh, before I forget, you should all see the movie Everything Is Illuminated. I can't review it in three words or less other than to say SEE THIS ONE.

After the mall we got lunch at Wild Noodles and shopped at Sam's without kids. It was a treat. Then we got home and in the mail were Six Feet Under Season Five discs 1-3 (Thank you, Blockbuster Online!!) and a beautifully decorated box from my CheapAss SP! Inside was a book with 365 TV-free activities to do with your kids (if the power should ever go out for 5 days...again), chocolate (already gone - and FANTASTIC, by the way), a pretty ball of yarn in my favorite colors and a pattern for a nifty dishcloth. I've never done a dishcloth, so this will be a fun new thing. I'm still kinda struggling with the mastery of socks, but I haven't given up. I have, however, given up on crochet for the time being. I just can't seem to get it. That one-needle thing just really messes with my head.

Later, at a different mall (if you're in the St Louis area, it's at West County, and there's also a location at Galleria), I discovered Teavana. Oh, my lord, this was the coolest Tea Store I've ever seen. And the chica behind the counter was brilliant. She was an excellent salesperson, really knew her product! I was so impressed, I bought Peppermint and Night-Night. I can't even wait to try them.

And tonight's The Amazing Race!! I love those hippies!

I think I'll have some Mini-Eggs. I'm down to only 3 bags.

And a beer.

Will post pics tomorrow.


Pyewacket said...

You are slayin' me! What a great day. Mine have been so dull lately... I'm enjoying your excitement vicariously.

BTW, I am planning to respond to your e-mail -- I'm just tryig to find a few moments that don't require one-handed typing.

(From holding a BABY, you buncha pervs...)

Penny Karma said...

OMG, I just snorted Diet Coke!

And I'm glad to hear from you, I thought maybe my email was too drama-packed. Some folks don't know how to handle my non-funny side. :)

Lucky4Penny said...

Oh, my dahlink Penny Karma, I am so happy zat my leetle parcel got to you! Zee dishcloth is an underrated thing of beauty - pretty to knit, pretty to use, and damn useful. Ozer zan a very rich man, what more can we ask for?

I'm putting the final touches on a leetle bit of mail for you containing the Reveal of my true identity.

Til then,

Rebekah said...

OKay what mall has the tea place? I must go, I must I tell you.

Wow, yarn at a garage sale, there's no way you could pass that up.

Bezzie said...

Aw no boob signing?

I'm jealous of your garage sale score. I'm never that lucky!

Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

I'm jealous of your hearing the Yarn Harlot. I have read her first two books and read her blog. I wish she would come to Texas. Would't it be fabulous if she came to Yarntopia?!

Lucinda said...

One of my friends got The Very Last Book, so you must have been right behind her in line. She was actually supposed to buy one for me too, but since she's the one who did the standing in line, she's the one who got the book when it turned out that there was only one left.

Sorry about that.

Penny Karma said...

It's all right, I just couldn't believe Left Bank didn't bring more books!

Kevin said...

LOL, you could totally ask someone to sign your boobs, then pull out one of those ridiculously fat, even-giant-block-letters-look-like-a-rorschach-test permanent markers because, hell, you've got the space for all that!