Wednesday, April 12, 2006

An Update of sorts

The lighter that Ry had to try to figure out was actually one of those cool long ones, not a cigarette lighter. I must confess that I don't know how to work a cigarette lighter. Pie couldn't figure out hte lighter, and yet, to my surprise, he didn't give up.

Instead, he made amusing small talk with the test administrator.

"I know a lot of funny jokes. Ya wanna hear a joke? What did the strawberry say to the other strawberry? You're Sweet. Cuz strawberries are sweet. I made it up myself."

Today on our Date Day, R and I went to the Science Center where we bought a membership with a Matching Gift from his Place of Employment. Then we went to see the Titanic Exhibit, which was a lot more interesting than I had expected.

Still no word from Maddie, Ellen, or TB.

Movies I've seen recently, reviewed in 3 words or Fewer -

Good Night and Good Luck: Where's Downey been?

Philip See-more Genius.

The Squid and the Whale: Pre-teen Masturbation. Yick.

Waiting: Dick Jokes. Funny.

I also got a super-cool package from my Hilarious Knitty Sp, who I think might be a Potential Kooky Kitten-Hoarder. She sent a set of #2 DPN's, some sock yarn and a sock-kitting book that I've heard good things about. I was so excited! I'll have to take a pic when I put new batteries in the camera.

I also think I might know who my Cheapie SP is. She's awesome. In fact, I think she's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I've so enjoyed her wit, so much like my own. I've had two really good SP's! If it's bad form to guess your SP's on your blog, forgive me. I'm not really experienced in the SP thing, so I'm sorry if I'm using poor etiquette.

And a big fat birthday SMOOCH to my beloved Domestic Overlord! La Domestica and I are still compiling the pics for the Fug-Off entries. We're just waiting for one of the pics, and then we'll start the Fuggin. Sad news, though - CPurl's Barf Scarf is out of the swap. Sniffle.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Bah - I called my SP out on my blog. I've known for entirely too long who it was. I'm kinda mad at myself for killing the fun. (Kinda like how I figured out who ffitd is - only not) ;)