Monday, February 23, 2009


It's important to me that the people who read my blog feel that they know the true me. And for the most part, I'd say you do. I am candid. I am blunt. I am transparent. The person you know as PK is, for the most part, me.

But I'm also Sarah. Nonconfrontational Drama Queen (a contradiction in terms, perhaps) Sarah. Neurotic and frazzled, indecisive and spineless Sarah. And the Inner Circle knows that sometimes, PK is more who I wish I was than who I actually am.

The things I write about really do happen to me, and sometimes Bite your tongue and don't rock the boat Sarah reacts and sometimes Fuck to the yeah! Rock this bitch! PK reacts. Sometimes I will find myself in a situation and literally stop and ask myself, "What Would Penny Karma Do?"

So, just to highlight the difference between Penny and Sarah, I did the little experiment Yorkie recently featured in her Den Of Iniquity. You're supposed to go to Google Search, enter your first name followed by the word NEEDS, and blog the top ten results you get. Are Penny's needs different from Sarah's needs? Let's find out...

Sarah Needs:

1. A Cold Shower

2. Self-Esteem

3. More Love

4. Sponsors To Compete In Deaf Olympics

5. A Band

6. To Lean On Her Man

7. To Hand Him One Of Those Weapons That Went Off Without Warning

8. To Write Joe Jonas

9. To Read Mark Twain

And my personal favorite:

10. Mistress Sarah Needs Deprived, Weak Men.

Conversely, here's what Penny needs...

Penny needs to Switch Meds.

Penny needs A Bra.

Penny needs A Home.

Penny needs A Lovely Tattoo.

The DIS-Honorable Judge Penny needs to revisit the word of God.

Penny needs A Makeover.

Penny needs A Disappearing Act.

Penny needs to go away and suck on Salma Hayek's chichis, because that's what she really wants in life.

Penny needs to be an indoor only cat without any small children.

Penny needs a Valium.

I'm thinking I'd rather hang out with Penny than Sarah.
Your thoughts?


Kev said...

I've gotten to hang out with both Penny and Sarah. And I love them both. They're not seperate people, they're both an important part of who you are.

I might make a smartassed reply later, but wanted to get this one out first, because its the important one.


Penny Karma said...

The Ubercompetitive part of me wonders if Sarah and PK got in a fight, who would win?

SiressYorkie said...

I think it would depend on what I want accomplished. If I want someone to negotiate a mortgage or help me buy a new car, totally Penny.

If I want someone to listen and say, "Yep, I am well acquainted with that brand of crazy...let's drink some coffee and dissect things at great length..." then it'd be Sarah.

I think either way you sell yourself short by thinking you're two separately operating people. I mean, I have Take No Prisoners Yorkie and Everyday Operating Yorkie, and they're both me...just one is fed more energy than the other sometimes.

You keep thinking about this so much you're going to go spare. And that's just something either of me won't allow.

Oh, and btw, my word verification is...

wait for it...

it's on its way...


Penny Karma said...

Awww... Speed Racer hearts me!

It's his birthday tomorrow, btw.

Kashmir Knitter said...

Oddly enough I did the Sarah Needs game years ago and google dug up some better stuff. LINK It might make you feel better about being Sarah.

I don't really like being Sarah either.

Penny Karma said...

I have to remind myself that your name's Sarah too. I don't think either of us is a Sarah. You're DO. I can't even bring myself to call you KK.

Stickyfingers said...

Man, I just wish I got to hang out with you ever! I have to say, you totally sound like my kind of people - no matter which hat you're wearing.

Kev said...

Yes, Speed Racer hearts you. Both of you. Or is it both parts of you? Either way, it is indeed true.

And the best part is that R and Mrs. Racer know that we're good friends - the kind of friends that use the "L" word to describe the friendship.

Speed Racer

Kashmir Knitter said...

I don't think of you as Sarah either. When I talk about you to my dh or whomever I either call you Penny Karma (as though it were a first and last name) or Sarahpennykarma.

Sometimes I don't remember that I'm Kashmir now either, I kinda miss DO but I was sick of the cyber stalking.

Kev said...

And just for giggles, my top 5 results:

Kevin Needs More Beer
kevin needs to pee
Kevin Needs a Liver Transplant
Kevin Needs to Lay Off the Weed
Kevin needs signs

"Speed Needs" gets me an assload of links to the game Need for Speed.

I figure after the beer, I would need to pee, and eventually the liver will give out. Who told them about the weed??? and duh - I'm a guy - I need LOTS of signs. Because guys don't get subtlety.

Speed Racer

SiressYorkie said...

*I* happen to think the name Sarah is beautiful, and I'm not just blowin' smoke at your tits, either.

But few people like their name...I've always hated mine, which is why I've spent most of my life going by nicknames. PPFT.

cpurl17 said...

I love the name Sarah. I think if it was Sarah vs. Penny, Sarah might surprise us but we love them both!