Friday, February 13, 2009

Princeton, God love him, fucked up.

Buffy called me yesterday to ask if I'd heard what a jackass her son is. Of course I hadn't. I hear nothing but praises of the boy.
He's perfect.

Still, he's a GUY. And even with thirty years' experience, you guys don't understand us women. Complex creatures, we are. Princeton's still learning this. We forgive him.

Anyway, here's what went down, according to Buffy. Beeb's friend Prissy (who happens to be the one who originally asked Princeton if he liked Beeb, all the way back in September) asked Princeton why he and Beebie don't "act like boyfriend and girlfriend", meaning holding hands and arms around each other and whatever else. Beeb and Princeton don't even eat lunch together - they have 6 of 7 classes together, so they each eat with the friends they haven't seen all day.

Princeton, instead of telling Prissy it was none of her goddamn bidniss, said something like "well, I really think of Beebie as my best friend more than a girlfriend... and I don't think we're ready for the holding hands stuff..."

Sweet, right? And honest, obviously? He's a great kid.

So when Princeton told Buffy this story she flipped out on him a bit, by her own admission. To me, it's really not that big a deal, I wouldn't have gone off on him at all, but I understand why Buffy was upset with him. It didn't occur to the boy that GIRLS TALK, and in all likelihood that was going to get back to Beebie as "Princeton says you're not his girlfriend."

Girls are bitches. Princeton needs to learn this.

Buffy's aware of the Susie/Sally situation also, and her fear was that this information would get to Beebie through one of those little twats. So I arranged my lunch plans in order to be home when Beeb got there, just in case she'd had a bad day. Occasionally I get this Parenting shit right.

Beeb came home at the regular time, and seemed like she does every other day. I asked her how her day went, and she said Good. I asked how Princeton was. She said Good.

So I told her that I had spoken to Buffy, and I spun the whole story in a way that made Beeb see that what Princeton did was answer a question honestly, and with the absolute best answer he could possibly have given. I explained how great it was to have a boyfriend who thinks of you as his best friend, and who isn't going to do something he doesn't feel right about just because everybody else in the whole 6th grade thinks it's what you're supposed to do with your girlfriend.

Not to mention what a relief that is for the Moms to hear.

But isn't he classy? And Buffy's totally got Beeb's back. Buffy adores Beeb. She tells me all the time how cute and smart and funny and sweet she is and how great it is that she and Princeton get along so well. She is NOT gonna let Princeton fuck it up.

I love that.

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Kev said...

Yeah, damn near 36 years in, and I still have no FUCKING CLUE about you women. I fuck up all the damn time.

Beeb (and her brothers) are lucky to have a mom that cares about their wellbeing that much.

And if you ever read this Princeton, welcome to the guy club.