Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throwin' Y'all A Bone.

I'm still compiling the post about Pie's birthday party last weekend, but I figured you might be hungry for a lil fresh Brilliance, so here ya go.

Pie likes to write stories. Here are a couple of my favorites:

The Bunny and The Duck

Once there was a bunny and a duck.

"Want to play?" said the duck.

"Ok!" said the bunny.

"Let's swim in the pond," said the duck.

"I can't," said the bunny.

"Yes, you can," said the duck, "Just try."

And then the bunny fell in the pond.

------- The End. -------

The Bird and The Ant

"I want to fly," said an ant.

"I will help you," said a bird.

"Ok!" said the ant.

So the bird ate the ant.

------- The End. -------

Classic, right? I fuckin died over that Ant one.

So I haven't been up to much, really. R was home most of last week and two days of this week. The kids have a half-day at school tomorrow so we're planning a family Valentine party for Friday night and getting the heart-shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy's.

I'm hoping that R's going to take me to Kabob Palace for Valentine's Day.

Don't give me flowers or candy, give me meat on a stick. I'm easy.


Kev said...

The kid has got a gift.

And way to go on the subtlety with the Kabob thing :)

Speed Racer

Penny Karma said...

I shouldn't say DON'T give me candy. I like candy.

Jewelry I could do without. I'm not that girly.

Cary said...

I got your bone.

Ferris Family said...

I love the ant story, it's it prize worthy.
Meat on a stick... That is one awesome V-day celebration.

Ki said...

haha, how about a meat stick? :-P

it's kind of the same qualities, right?

The Infamous R said...

So much for my suprise taking you to Tony's and dropping 2 bills for dinner.

I will definetly being giving you some meat on a stick tomorrow.

Happy Valentines and love

Kay aka dkswife said...

At least your son has a good grip on reality! :)

Penny Karma said...

I don't even want to go to Tony's. If I can't wear jeans there, I'm not going.

Two bills, shit... if you had two bills I didn't know about, I'd snap your meat stick in half.

Kev said...

Notice he didn't say WHICH 2 bills he was going to drop...

You too have fun, and enjoy the meat stick.