Sunday, February 01, 2009

Facebook Update.

So I'm on there now, and one of my sorority sisters (and, shortly thereafter, a TON of my sorority sisters) have found me. Not sure how I feel about that.

They're kinda on the cusp between High School Me and the Me you know and love. The 3-year period of time when I was just figuring out how much fun it was to break the rules I'd lived by up to then. It was a pivotal point in my life.

So I'm a little concerned that one of the EK's will drop something like "Hey, Sarah, remember the time you did that pyramid of Jaeger shots and danced topless on the bar at Harpo's and you tried to kiss the bartender but you fell off and broke about fifty liqour bottles and you had to go to the ER with shards of glass in your boobs?? You showed EVERYBODY those scars! That was HILARIOUS! You're fuckin CRAZY, girrrrl!!!!"

I will neither confirm nor deny the veracity of the above story.

The obvious downside of Facebook is that everybody can see everything you do - every comment, whatever groups you join, all that shit. This is a double-edged sword. There's no privacy (my advice - don't join Facebook if privacy's important to you), but it could also be amusing. I'm kicking around the idea of joining the Pain Sluts group, just for fun. Shock value and whatnot.

So far the thing I like most about Facebook is seeing which of my high school tormentors are fatter than me.

ETA: And another thing I like is lingering pettiness. Get this - I actually had a friend request REJECTED. Only thing I can think of is she's still pissed I slept with her boyfriend seventeen years ago.

Geez, bitch, the way I see it, I did you a favor. He wasn't that good. You should be thanking me.


Lissa said...

FB definitely has its downsides. I avoided as long as I possibly could, but when the time came I grudgingly gave in to the inevitable addiction. Now I check it several times a day, play games, follow groups, and am otherwise very selective as to what I put up there.

But in regard to this and your previous FB post, I just wanna say, I'd so want to be the friend of real PK rather than filtered PK! :D

Dame Wendy said...

I hated that about Facebook but switched all my privacy filters so pretty much only I can see what I do - which I guess defeats the purpose... heh. I hate getting those friend requests from people who I technically "know" from 10 years ago but have absolutely nothing in common with any more. AWKWARD!

SiressYorkie said...

Some people like to friend as many people as possible, like the girl in your scout group who wanted to get the most badges and show them off on her sash. Bleah.

I've had friend requests from people I knew in HS. That's the extend of my relationship with them. I knew who they were. One guy requested like 5 times and finally gave up.

You can alter your privacy settings, but all those little games and features they have are third-party functionality...which means it's not attached to Facebook (even though it looks like it is). That's where you lose your security. I've stopped doing them, pretty much, after I found this out.

I say post a pic of your rack as your avatar and let people decide on their own. Maybe you can join the group, "Fuck the Po-lice" and really make it clear where your priorities are! hehehehe...

JRS said...

Harpo's! That's a place I hadn't thought of in a while!

Here's another: Aunt Heidi's Deli. I would wax poetic about the memories, but I don't actually remember anything!

Rip said...

Side benefit: Keeping track of what your kids are saying to all their friends, in a benign sort of way. Sure, they TOTALLY filter what they put out there, but still, you can get some idea of who is friends with whom, who is backstabbing whom, etc.

I mistakenly put some very personal stuff out there on my "wall" because I thought I was replying to a personal email-type message. Word to the wise: Figure the shit out before you put up too much.

Hey, "friend" me, PK! Love ya!

Kashmir Knitter said...

Back when I had a myspace and it was under my own name I kept getting friend requests from someone I couldn't quite remember. I rejected this person's request no less than five times when I finally showed it to another friend of mine and she remembered the person in question. It was a girl who would NOT leave me alone and I finally had hit my limit and insulted her as hard as I could. I had actually hit with a rolled up newspaper and barked at her once actual words failed me. She never did leave me alone. YEARS later there she was on myspace trying all over again. That's when I quit.