Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh, I got my huge slab o' meat.
And then he took me to dinner.

After a leisurely Valentine's Day spent watching Mizzou cream the Cornhuskers, R took me to...

We kinda debated whether or not to even go out, since we were both feeling kinda icky from this stupid cold/flu-ey thing that's going around. R and I have both had it, off and on, in various incarnations for the last few weeks. But in the end we both decided we wanted to get out of the house and steep ourselves in the delicious aroma of the Kabob Palace.

The first thing they brought out was the bread and dip. I'm not a very adventurous eater, typically, but I tried it.

DILL. An assload of DILL.

I ordered the marinated beef tenderloin. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. So tender you didn't have to chew it.

Other than my minor disappointment in the fact that it didn't actually come with the skewer still in it so I couldn't take a completely tasteless picture of me deep throating a meat stick for your amusement, it was an absolutely stellar dinner.

And a lot of girls would be satisfied with just a stellar Valentine's Day dinner, right? But my man wasn't done with me yet. No, no.

I got jewelry. PERSONALIZED, even.

My man took me to Urgent Care for a throat culture.
I wish I had thought to snap a pic of me deep throating the swab.

You know it's a great date when you see one of these -

Dinner: $40
Co-Pay: $60
Prescriptions: $55

So R did drop close to two bills on me after all. Maybe he was a bit jealous that Rip got to take me to my mammogram (and got me drunk afterwards), and didn't want to be outdone.

PK Dating Tip: When a guy drops major coin on you, reward him by putting your very sexiest jammies on.

We watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - which I was hoping would be funnier - on our Big Ass TV (and damn the Racers for giving me Big Ass TV Envy), and were in bed, with a box of Kleenex between us, at 10:30.

Life is sweet. :)

1 comment:

Kev said...

Oh where to begin...

* next time, bring your own skewer if we, your loyal readers, mean that much to you.

*R sure knows how to show a girl a good time.

* My 1st thought when I saw the "jewelry" was that you had indeed choked while deep throating a big piece of meat. You know - for our amusement.

*You haven't even seen the Racer's TV yet - Plasma baybee!!!