Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maybe not everyone was wondering, but I was.

So last night I was watching Letterman and I heard him mention that Toby Maguire would never be on the show again.

And, because I don't always watch every episode, I wondered why.

So I did a little research.

This is why.

Note: This content may require the latest RealPlayer, which is not available on Windows 95, Mac OS9 or Linux systems.

Now ya know.


Anonymous said...

Shoot. I can't get it to play. What's up with Tobey?

Jacquiebean said...

I saw it but don't get it. What did Tobey do wrong?

Penny Karma said...

It is apparently Tobey's choice not to return after that fake Spiderman clip. Dude, you're going on Letterman, get a sense of humor.