Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Victory is Mine!

I won the aforementioned eBay auction and am now the proud owner of a new, twin-sized set of Star Wars sheets - the only set I could find with Mace Windu on them. As much as I'd love to sleep with Ultimate Badass Samuel L. Jackson under me, alas, these sheets are for Ry. Mace is Ry's favorite Star Wars Character, and Ry is getting a Big Boy Bed for his Birthday. Every time he gets into his current toddler-sized bed, it creaks. So we figured it was time. Oh, and I also won a Vintage Star Wars bedspread. He's gonna FREAK.

And my 2006 Writer's Market came in the mail today. Righteous!!

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deety said...

Congrats on your find, and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who values this sort of fun thing! I keep a blanket in easy reach in the house because I am one of nature's snugglers.

For years, I've had this vintage star wars blanket, because my two brothers each had a set of sheets and blankets from the original movie as children. It got increasingly more ratty and torn, and my husband hated the damn thing despite being a huge star wars geek.

I kept trying to find the other one in hopes that it would be in better condition, but had no luck and I assumed that my mom had gotten rid of it and not remembered. While we visited over Christmas, she told me that she'd come across it in the attic. It's spent probably close to 20 years stuffed between an old mattress and box spring, and after washing it it feels and smells nearly good as new! So the scruffy old one is gone, and hopefully this one will last me at least another ten years.