Wednesday, January 18, 2006


You like me! You really like me!!!

Domestic Overlord, what would I do without your guidance as I fumble through the foggy waters of Bloggery?

Thank you ALL for your comments, now that I've figured out that I'M the bonehead, you can go back to talking amongst yourselves.

And now, let me tell you about my awesome husband. I got the man to take me yarn shopping today, to TWO DIFFERENT STORES. And out to lunch too, but did I mention TWO different stores? And he looked at yarn labels for Fiber Content and Dye Lot Numbers! We picked a deliciously heinous Yarn Bee yarn from Hobby Lobby (50% off this week) with the equally heinous color name Fudge and Kisses.

Then after a yummy lunch at Macaroni Grill (which was free because we used the Gift Card my mom sent me for my birthday), we went to the next yarn store. Hand in hand, we looked for masculine colors in 100% wool because - get this - he has asked me to make him a FELTED scarf. Yes, when he asked, he used the word FELTED. Then he bought me NORO. I love him.

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Jennifer said...

He's a keeper!

Was wondering if you were getting your comments...