Thursday, January 19, 2006

I take that back - I'm the THIRD biggest idiot alive.

I can't even believe these people.

Now, I think the Chronology of Events in this story would be interesting to verify. Did the hubby find the dude with the thumb in a Baggie first and think, "Hey, I know what we could do with this!" or did the wife say "I have a perfect plan for how to score some big billz... if only we knew someone willing to cut off his thumb..."

If the latter scenario is true, then I guess that idiot would bump me down to fourth.


Will Powers said...

Perhaps, you're the fourth, and I'm the third! lol

Santa said...

Yea, the funny thing about that is, she say's she's SORRY and it never SHOULD have happened AFTER THE FACT that she is going to be some someone's house mouse for the next god know's how many years. Thanks for the kind words penny, you're page me laugh as well. Stay in touch.