Monday, January 16, 2006

Suckiness Subsides, Somewhat

The top story yesterday was the triumphant return of Danny, the Tamagotchi. He had been left out in the backyard, and despite the snow that fell on Friday, he works. Of course, the original Danny had "gone back to Planet Tamagotchi" - I swear I'm not making that euphamistic crap up - but we were able to reset the thing and get a new egg, which hatched into a boy, also named Danny. Nat brought him inside with breathless joy, and immediately left to go play outside again. Meanwhile, R fed Danny Tamagotchi snacks until he got up to 99 pounds. I think Tamagotchi Protective Services are on their way.

I was also trying to cheer myself up by remembering a really good birthday I had, and probably the most interesting one was my 16th. My friends kidnapped me just out of the shower (literally) and dressed me up funny and then took me to McDonald's before school with no makeup and wet hair. In January.

You kinda have to appreciate my circle of high school friends. I think I've previously alluded to the fact that we were quite the geek parade. We never drank or smoked or dated the hot guys or did stuff that the self-proclaimed Coolies did. We'd get together and play board games or throw toilet paper in people's trees. Good times with the church youth group. That was us.

Then I remembered an act of High School Fookery for the ages. I was sitting at home one evening Freshman Year (I think) when my phone rang. It was my very best friend Yetunde (pronounced YEH-toon-day). Note the mid-80's vernacular.

"Oh.. my.. gosh... You are not EVEN gonna believe who just called me, she said.

I had no idea.

"Margaret Verbotten (not her real last name, but close, and kinda gets the point across a little better)!" Huh? This was odd, as Margaret rarely stepped outside of her tribe of Gucci-toting minions, especially not to voluntarily talk to one of the peasantry.

"Margaret called you?" I said, stunned. "Are you serious?? What the hell for? Are you working on a project together or something?"

"No," Yetunde said. "She called and started out all friendly like 'oh, hi, how are you,' and whatever... then she said, 'Um... you know that one purple sweater that we both have? The turtleneck one with the black letters on it?' and I was like, 'Yeah...', and she was like, 'Well, I was gonna wear it tomorrow, so could you like, uh, not wear it?'"

"Omigod, you are totally freakin' KIDDING me," I said.


"Well, what did you say??"

"I don't know, I think I just said Okay."

"That is like, the total bitchiest thing I've ever heard. Seriously!" And then, I spoke the words to which Those Who Know Me Best respond with the same kind of breathlessness that's associated with both gleeful anticipation and sheer terror:

"I have an idea."

So Yetunde, true to her word, did not wear the purple sweater with letters on it the next day. Instead, she brought it to school and let one of our other geek friends (the one who had the most classes with Margaret) wear it all day. Take that, bitchlet!

And in honor of MLK day, here's a pic of me with Yetunde at the Rosa Parks table at my sister's wedding. It's okay for me to call it that, Yetunde made it up. And that guy is The Koomster. He's hot.

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Thérèse said...

I like "bitchlet." I find it excellent, even. Can't believe I haven't seen it before.

I think that word may have to find itself in my vocalabury.