Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kinda Random.

I'm feeling kinda incoherent today. Bear with me. Or, if you prefer, bare with me. Bare whatever you want.

Missouri now requires kindergarteners and first graders (if they didn't have it done in kindergarten) to get an eye exam before they start school. How convenient; I just happen to have an extra $120 lying around that I didn't know what I was going to do with. Whoopee.

Turns out, lil Tito Mosquito has some wicked astigmatism in his right eye and he needs glasses. WalMart Optical's having a big back-to-school sale, so the glasses actually cost less than the exam.

Tell me he's not the cutest damn thing you ever saw.

Finally finished obtaining all of the kids' school supplies. I can't believe school starts Wednesday. OH!!!! I forgot to mention that Pie's best buddy John will be in his class, and Camille (aka Swamp Thing Jr.) will NOT. And I managed to get through the entire summer with almost ZERO Swamp Thing Contact. I never did return her call, and I just don't feel the least bit bad about it. I just hope Swampy doesn't decide that because they're not in the same class, we will need to plan regular play dates. I am feeling a little more assertive lately; I may just tell her that being around her stresses me out more than I can stand.

(Stop laughing, everyone who knows what a nonconfrontational pussy I am.)

Next - Health News.

I recently read something interesting about the side effects of Generic Wellbutrin.

I felt obligated to say publicly that I've taken the generic Wellbutrin (from the manufacturer mentioned on the message board) for years and I personally haven't experienced side effects that are any different from the ones I had on the actual name brand Wellbutrin. I've had some headaches, but I don't necessarily attribute them to the meds. And I've actually lost weight. But I will pay closer attention to how I'm feeling, now that I've been back on the meds for a little while.

Moving on - Anti-Stella Baby Watch.

Dammit, woman, I'm sick of waiting on you. Drop that kid, already. You're starting to piss me off. I don't have time to hang around to find out if Baby O is an Oliver or an Olivia. I need to start knitting a pair of booties now if I want them done before Baby O is in third grade. But if you're just going to be selfish and make me and the whole world wait to find out who's cookin in there, whatever. You know I'd never make you wait nine months to find out what I was having. Of course, if I somehow got pregnant now that R's been snipped, I'd probably have to move in with you guys. Scooch over, Trav!

Finally, a pop quiz -

Who's your favorite Jonas Brother?


Ferris Family said...

Those glasses are so stinkin cute!!! I love them.
Swampy-free for the year, that deserves a huge celebration!
Wellbutrin... generic or not, as long as you feel good on it, that is all that matters. I'm all for the generic.
Baby O... If I knew who it was, I would tell you. I DON'T EVEN KNOW! We are on watch... probably in the next 10 days-2 weeks. You will get a call, I promise.

Ferris Family said...

Forgot to add, I'm a Joe fan... The "lost" middle child has a pull on me.

Carol said...

Yup. Cute as a bug.

As for the generic vs brand thing....there will always be someone who says that thegeneric isn't as good as the brand. But millions of people have been taking the generic and they have had a whole 12 complaints, eh? If it works for ya, fuggedaboutit!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Jonas brother is Jonathan Hamm. Beautiful man.

Tito is da bom with his new specs.

Send my best to Swamp Thing next time she stops by.

Penny Karma said...

Just cuz YOU don't want to know what you're having... you're so selfish, Sheri, I swear.

Kevin's my favorite. He rocks those tight white pants.

(To clarify, that's Kevin Jonas. Kevin KOFA rocks a kilt.)

SiressYorkie said...

I feel really pervy even looking at a picture of The Jonas Brothers. And their mom looks like she could use a stiff drink.

Your little guy looks RAD in those specs. And who knows, his eyes may correct themselves. I had the same problem, and I wore specs in uni for about two years...went away on its own.

Cindy in Happy Valley said...

Jonas brothers?

Kashmir Knitter said...

Both my kids are in glasses. Both Red and I have perfect vision. Go figure, eh? Little kids in their new glasses are so cute. Less cute when you have to find the damn things for the millionth time or replace them because somebody chewed off the transitions coating. What kind of child chews on the LENSES of their glasses!? GAH!

Uh, the Jonas Brothers creep me out. I like the Winchester brothers. And their dad. I have to go now... Important- uh- things to do.

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