Monday, June 26, 2006

This, friends, is my 150th Post of Brilliance.

Let's honor past Moments of Brilliance with a moment of silence (shhh... ok, let's move on) followed by a display of Someone Else's Brilliance!

THIS is my gift package from Cheepy Sheepy!

LOOK at all of this stuff!! Lemme see if I can remember all that was in there.

- Five skeins of Luxury Cotton which will most certainly be made into something fabulous.

- A KICKASS clipboard (YAY!!) that you can even open up and put patterns inside, complete with full-color printouts of several righteous Knitty patterns and an article about Knitting in Jail. Oh, that was so cool. I love the thought of hardened criminals with sharp sticks knitting themselves FunFur nooses.

- A Custom CD with music relating to the Knitty Patterns contained therein. The best was La Vie En Rose as Clapotis. Brilliant.

- WEEKLY WORLD NEWS. Hilarious in its own right, but made even more so with the witty commentary Cheepy Sheepy added for my amusement.

- Row Counters and a Yarn Cutter Pendant

- Nail Polish and Lip Gloss for Beebie

- Glow in the Dark Necklaces

- Three Lobster Candles

- This Grow-A-Sheep thing that looks fun

- A Feminine Hygiene Emergency Kit (and what perfect timing - I'll leave it at that)

- Candy Necklaces

- Water Balloons

- Shout Wipes

- Lovely Artwork

- Games and Cards for Summer Roadtrips

I'm sure I left something out as I was trying to recall all of it. Seriously, it was a major haul. And it was awesome. I'm still giddy. That Sheepy is a total BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD ASS!


jackt said...

Grow a sheep?! I'd like to hear about that one. Congrats on 150!

del said...

What a great package! Lucky you!!

DomesticOverlord said...

Yes, how does one grow a sheep? Is there a chia pet involved?

JRS said...

That is a kick-ass package! Was that cheap-ass secret pal? I totally should have signed up!

Penny Karma said...

You should! Cheapass Pal is awesome!

bradyphrenia said...

happy 150th! congrats on the motherload. or is it motherlode?