Monday, June 05, 2006

My kids ask weird questions.

Pie: Mom, are you wearing (something I can't quite hear) today?

Me: What?

Pie: Are you wearing (something I can almost hear that sounds kinda like boots) today?

Am I wearing boots today? No...

Pie: No, not boots, BOOBS!

Me: Am I wearing Boobs today? Well, yeah. I can't really take them off.

Pie: Oh.

---- thirty seconds later -------

Beebie: Mom, is there such a thing as Lesbians?

Me: (chuckling as I imagine that up to now she must have thought that Lesbians were like Martians or something that you either believe in or you don't)

Yeah, Lesbians are real. Why?

Beebie: What's a Lesbian?

Me: Well, remember when we talked about how Gay means that a man loves another man? Lesbian is when a woman loves another woman.

Beebie: That's weird.

Me: (Not wanting to reinforce that homosexuality is weird since I have many Gay friends and, for all I know, one or more of my kids could be Gay)

Hey, ya can't help who ya love.

Have I mentioned that I took Beeb to the Indigo Girls concert with me?


jackt said...

Children are almost as obsessed about boobs as men are.

Penny Karma said...

Yeah, as if before I leave the house every morning I have to make sure I've got my Boobs on.

Why would he think they're detachable? I can't figure that out. Are Boobs that mysterious to you guys? Cuz they're really not that interesting. Mine aren't, anyway.

Other than the pierced nipplage, of course, but that's old news.

cpurl17 said...

You know, there are days when I wish detaching was an option.

PennyK, I love your kids. They may drive you crazy but they sure give us lots of great blog reading material!

DomesticOverlord said...

I wonder if he meant your bra. If he wanted to know if you had a bra on? I don't know.

Zonda said...

Oh boy How I wished they were removable and sizes you felt like wearing...not HAD to LOL! The questions kids ask huh?

Pyewacket said...

What a great response to the gay question. I'll have to file that one away.

Elspeth said...

Why am I now singing "Detachable Penis"? Oh, it's because my son says "penis" all the time now.

Great dialogue!

JRS said...

Good on you for being such a cool mom.

My almost-13 year old nephew (the one who want to work at Knitorious) just told my sister that he likes boys, not girls, and has started wearing eye makeup and bobby pins to school. We still love him.

Your comment was very wise. You can't help who you love.