Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stuff That Just Shouldn't Exist.

Sweaters with sewn-in shoulder pads.

One-Lane Bridges.

Size 0 jeans.

Green Ketchup.



The Double Gulp(tm). Who needs this much fluid in their body?

The phrase "Hot enough for ya?"

Menstrual Cramps.


jackt said...

Anything with shoulder pads. Except football uniforms.
Bridges that are so high they make me pee.
Size 00 jeans.
Mayonnaise with fries.

cpurl17 said...

That plastic casing Costco seals their stuff in that you need a chainsaw to open.

"Convenience fees" charged on tickets that you buy on-line and print out on your own printer

Paris Hilton

Bezzie said...

But wait--we need cellulite in order to avoid having Size 0 jeans!

Cheesy Knit Wit said...

Can I add one more to the list?

Okay, thanks Sarah.

Yeast Infections......Gourdes, I hate those.

Sharpie said...

LOL!! Yes so true!!

Sharon said...

Yes. And everything else you said.
And cravings. I almost wish those didn't exist, either.