Monday, September 08, 2008

Prince(ton) Charming!

I have been terrible about updating, haven't I? I'm sorry. I blame R. We got a Wii Fit a couple of weeks ago, and he's always setting new records for me to break. Hey, the thought of wanting to beat him keeps me motivated. This is the Positive side of my Competitive Nature. Hope it helps me drop a little BMI.

The highlight of the weekend, by far, was the text message that Beebie got from Princeton on Saturday afternoon:

There is no other way to say this, but will you be my girlfriend?

So it's official. And Beebie was over the freakin' MOON.

And then on Sunday evening, Buffy (I'm just going to stick with that name for Priceton's Mom) and Princeton came to pick Beebie and me up for a movie. Princeton was SO cute. He came in, introduced himself to R, Pie and Tito, and shook R's hand like a polite young gentleman. He was so adorable, I swear, I almost cried.

I've gotten to know and appreciate Buffy a little better, and I have to say, she is doing a fantastic job of raising her boy to be a good person. She and Princeton have an excellent level of communication; they are very open about everything (including sex), and I really respect that. I told her that Beeb talk openly too and that Beeb knows she can ask us anything, as you've all witnessed frequently on this blog. Are Lesbians Real? and What Are Rubbers? are among my favorites.

I also appreciate that Buffy is another one of those people like myself who are perfectly comfortable smuggling snacks into movie theaters. I buy soda and popcorn, but fuck if I'm gonna drop four bucks on Twizzlers when I can get them for a dollar at Walgreens.

Still, the woman is INTENSE. Thank God she's not the Swamp Thing level of Intense; at least it's not physically painful to listen to her speak. She's got the social graces that Swamp Thing lacks, plus she's got voice mail and a cell phone. But she's slightly Intense and extremely Outspoken, and I'm a bit intimidated by it. While she and I were on the phone (for over an hour), Princeton asked if he could play X-Box. She told him very sternly, "You may play for ten minutes, and then I want you to work on your French homework for twenty minutes."

My kids don't ask me if they can play video games. And even I know that ten minutes is hardly enough time to even DO anything in a video game. R plays games for hours before he realizes how long he's been on. And who makes their kid take French anymore? Oh, and I also found out that she kept Princeton home from school to go to an Obama rally. Princeton registered voters. I think that's pretty cool.

So the four of us went to see The Dark Knight. I was kinda nervous that it would be too intense for Beebie, but I didn't want to insult the Young Luvvahs by suggesting Space Chimps. Plus, if I was going to have to sit through it too, I wanted the film choice to be something that I didn't mind seeing.

Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger. Heath. Ledger.

The movie was very good. I liked the second half of it better than the first half, and I absolutely HATED Christian Bale's raspy, whispery, Batman voice. Aaron Eckhardt was great, but Heath Ledger, kids.

Heath. Fucking. Ledger.

On the way home, Princeton asked me a question - I forget what it was - and then while I was answering, he said something to Beebie. And Buffy caught him. I didn't care, really, but she railed him for asking me a question and then not listening to my answer. "In the Fee-YOU-ture," she said, "When you ASK someone a QUES-tion, you are to LISTen to what they have to SAY, and not interRUPT them. GOT that?"


Oh, and the BEST part - when we pulled into our driveway, Buffy told Princeton "And as a Gentleman, you walk her to the door." So he did. And Beebie said thank you and that she'd had a nice time and she'd see him tomorrow at school. And a little while later she got a text from him saying he'd had a good time too.

So, so cute.


Kevin C said...

Heath. Fucking. Ledger. Indeed. I had been afraid that he was going to have reworked the Joker character entirely and lost a lot of the little nuances that Jack Nicholson had already built into the character. But no! He seems to have kept the good ones and built on them. The saddest part of the whole movie is that Heath Ledger definitely will never be able to reprise his Joker for another Batman movie.

Christian Bale definitely malfed up the Batman voice. Quiet, intense, and intimidating is one thing. A little growl now and then can be effective. But the I-just-gargled-with-sheet-metal-screws voice was... detracting. I also don't think Bale did quite as good with the Bruce Wayne/Batman dichotomy as even in Batman Begins.

And it's almost too bad Aaron Eckhardt's performance is going to be overshadowed by Ledger's. Almost. Eckhardt was bloody brilliant in his own way, though. It's too bad they had to kill off Two-Face, though. But then, I always hate to see classic recurring villians killed off in a movie franchise.

I actually think I probably would say to my kids something quite similar to what Buffy said to Princeton if they did the same thing. Although it'd be less of a command and more of a suggestion, like, "If you're going to ask a question, you should at least make sure you listen to the answer." But it would be in that Daddy voice, the same one I use for suggestions like, "I suggest you don't push this argument any farther, or you won't like where it ends."

Stickyfingers said...

Yep, the growly voice was WAY too much. Heath did a bang-up job. Gives me the creeps!

Rip said...

In 1970-something, when I was in 4th grade, this new girl moved into the town where I was, and she was so beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful face. Even in 4th grade, I knew I liked her. Her name was DeeDee. I swear. Anyway, I asked her out to dinner, she said yes, we went to Hackney's with my mom, I went over to her house and goofed around with her and her brothers for a bit while my mom chatted with hers, then we went home. No biggie.

Wellllll, later that week at school, I guess someone found out, who told their parents that two 4th graders went out on a DATE, and, I swear I am not making this up, the school sent a letter home to all the 4th grade parents. Not just a letter, but a call to action! There was a big assembly of all the parents in the school auditorium soon thereafter, and they all discussed how INAPPROPRIATE it was for 4th graders to be going on an official date. Now, perhaps 4th grade is a bit young, but geez, it was just dinner for crying out loud. My parents were there to defend me, but they got chastised for allowing such a thing. And DeeDee's parents were so horrified at the puritanical bullshit that their new neighborhood instantly became less welcoming.

Bravo to Princeton for having the guts to ask Beebs. AND for seeing something special in a very special person. The dude has class.

Nell said...

Cutest thing ever!!! I love a boy with manners!

Cindy in Happy Valley said...

Yikes, manners are one thing, but I hope the future doesn't have Buffy mummifying in a rocking chair being chatted up by one 50 year-old still single Princeton.

Kashmir Knitter said...

Blame it on the Bossa Nova
and it's magic spell.
Blame it on the Bossa Nova
that he did so well.

Sorry, distracted by the playlist. But the Bossa Nova is the dance of love, you know.

Hooray for Beeb!

Also, Dark Knight totally ruled. Heath Ledger was awesome. Aaron Eckhart kicked some serious ass, too. If I could get in the editing room though I'd axe about half of Gary Oldman's speech at the end. Geez, we get it already stop bashing us over the head with it. I came for badassery, not your moral bullshit.

Shake, shake, shake, Senora! Oh crap, Jump in the Line is going to be stuck in my head all damn day now. Thanks, thanks a lot.

Shannon said...

Love that she's teaching them early. I had a blind date a couple of weeks ago that let me walk 2 blocks after midnight to my car BY MYSELF with just a wave. Yeah...he's been dropped. What a cutie Princeton is though!

Penny Karma said...

I'm a PhD. Professor Emeritus in the field of Badassery.

Batty said...

How freaking cute is that!

Rachel said...

Scott and I spent too much valuable time after seeing Dark Knight trading one-liners like "I'm Batman and I need dental work." "I'm Batman and my braces are too tight." "I'm Batman. Can I have a drink of water?" "My retainer is stuck. I'm Batman!"