Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reality Show Dish & some other stuff, maybe

Monday nights I watch Hell's Kitchen with Beeb and we tape Treasure Hunters to watch with R when he gets home from his class. Beeb does a genius impression of Chef Ramsay saying "WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE????" I'm so proud. She loves it when I call her a donkey in the Chef voice. Yeah, we're not like other families.

So this week that "stupid cow" Sarah was FINALLY kicked off of the show. How hilarious was it when Virginia went shopping and brought Sarah back a cow-shaped creamer? HIGH-larious. But Virginia lost points with me when she burned the peas and Chef rescinded her free ride into the final three. I'd love to see Heather win the whole thing, I think she's the one who fights the hardest for it.

Treasure Hunters is such a great show. This week the team of three Former Miss USA's were eliminated. I'd be happy to see any of the remaining teams win. They've all been good competitors.

Ok, so on to Big Brother. What the hell is wrong with Janelle? Why target Diane? And why ya gotta lie to Howie like dat? Not cool. That alliance is gone. James is clearly removing himself from it, and I wonder what Hot Kaysar will do. I think Howie will stick with Janelle, I don't really think he's smart enough without her, although him calling her on her lie in front of James and Kaysar impressed me.

I'll be so pissed if Erika goes home. I haven't been able to figure out the basis of Diane's infatuation with herself. She thinks she's clever, she thinks she's funny, she thinks she's masterminding everything, well, no, you're a dingbat with the most annoying voice since Holly (remember her??). And ooooooooooh, do I loathe Mike Boogie. Will's entertaining, Mike's along for the ride. I love Marcellas. Love him love him love him. Might even consider having a sex change so that he might love me back. Ok, not really.

If one of the evicted houseguests comes back, who would you most like to see? I'm gonna say Jase.

Tonight, America's Got Freaks. Hasselhoff's supposed to sing on the show tonight. I haven't decided whether or not I'll be tuning in.

*** end of reality show talk, on to random stuff ***

My local grocery store, in addition to the special on Fruit Bowels, was selling 10 pounds of ground turkey for $10. Guess what's in my freezer? We're going to be eating ground turkey for the next month, so if anybody has some good ground turkey recipes, I'd love to see them.

The bike we got from Freecycle is AWESOME. Almost new condition. Not a scratch. I'll have to take a picture of it. R says it would have cost us $40-$50 easily, and all it cost us was a trip to a part of town I've never been to. Mississippi River in the front yard, literally. Oh, and a school bus with curtains on the windows parked in the driveway. Interesting.

I'm so sick of the movie (and soundtrack) High School Musical I'm about ready to snap both the DVD and the CD in half. But then it'll be the Start Of Something New.

School starts on the 16th. Beeb found out who her teacher is, and Beeb was also chosen for a group at her school called The Ambassadors, who give tours of the school to parents and kids, primarily the Kindergarteners. It's an honor, and she is really excited.

The boys' Mom's Day Out doesn't start until September. I will then have three mornings to myself every week. What to do, what to do?

A family reunion (my side of the Karma family tree) is in the works for this Thanksgiving. It will involve me flying to Texas with the kids, without R. I'll miss him, sure, but on the plus side, he won't be there to talk me out of buying yarn, which I certainly plan to do.


Trillian42 said...

If you guys like chili, I have a great turkey chili recipe. PM me on the board if you are interested and I'll email it to you.

Also, you can sub in turkey for ground beef in just about anything like lasagne. It works well.

the kitchener bitch said...

yay freecycle!

PM me if you want a fabulous recipe for turkey soup. You use the turkey after you've picked all the sandwiches you can off the thing, add kale, chorizo, onions, garlic, and tomatoes, and YUM. I mean seriously YUM.

Bezzie said...

And I'll be here to help enable you to buy that yarn!! If it makes you feel any better--it wouldn't surprise me if The Mad Scientist still wasn't done with his freakin' phd by Thanksgiving.

turtlegirl76 said...

Janelle, man, I dunno. She's got a point about focusing more on the floaters, but geez. You don't go back on your alliance like that when the alternative means the numbers aren't on your side! And you do NOT piss off James! You wanna talk about evil to rival Dr. Will? At least Will is funny about it, James is funny in a snarky way. But he'll be his own downfall. You wait and see. Now that he's broken off from the Sovereign alliance, he's got a target on his back just like last season. Hoo boy. It'll be interesting to see who wins HOH tonight.

Sarah said...

You can pretty much do anything you'd do with ground beef with ground turkey..

Meatballs, put it in marinara, tacos/burritos, meatloaf, turkey burgers....all that jazz.

Almost makes me wish I had TV again...

amylovie said...

Could I entice you with the family yarn discount?!?!?! Yarn AT COST?!?!?!