Friday, August 25, 2006

N is for Never Take Pictures While Driving

Unless it's a picture of a funny mud flap on a truck.

Eager Beaver Trailers.

I think a buncha guys got really drunk on PBR and one of them said,

"Hey, y'know whut? If I ever get my own trucking company - and it WILL happen, y'all - y'know what Imma gonna call it? EAGER BEAVER TRAILERS!! (Insert Roscoe P. Coltrane laugh) Shooooooot, I crack myself up..."

I'm behind on a couple of the (fill in the blank)-alongs I'm participating in. I have to figure out what I'm going to use in my Will It Float experiment. I'll see if I can get the Apes involved in that one. Then I have to figure out how to cleverly display my feet. I swear, if I get one freaky foot fetish comment I'll replace the pics with pictures of Hobbit Feet.

I took the boys to the Open House at their school (2 hours after it was over, but whatever) and I was able to confirm with one of the Preschool directors that if Little T doesn't figure out how to go "potty potty" before school starts, he won't be able to be in the preschool class and will have to go into the Mom's Day Out program. Not a big deal, but this means that instead of having three mornings a week all to myself, I'll have to send Ry 3 days a week and T would go just one day a week. I'm afraid T's going to prefer being home and having one-on-one time with me and he won't pee on the potty until his college roommate gets sick of T walking around with poopy pants saying, "Don't change me."

BUT there is hope. In the classroom that T would be in, should he suddenly decide he's tired of pooping in his pants, there is a really cool Thomas the Tank Engine chair. And only the big kids who can go potty potty can be in that room. So maybe that'll motivate him. If not, I bought M&M's, which were really meant for me, but I suppose I'll share them if he goes potty.

Weekend Preview:

We're going to Aunt Drama and Uncle Earhair's on Sunday.
I'm bringing my own BBQ sauce. Like Kramer and his maple syrup. Oh crap, I just remembered - I gotta take a dessert too. Maybe I'll just sprinkle some sugar on a pound of butter.


Cheryl said...

I may have told you this before but I swear my son is going to be 40 years old and an old married guy and will come out of the bathroom, hitching his pants and go and get him a Reeses mini cup. Yay for candy rewards!!! Whatever works girl, whatever works!

OldLadyPenPal said...

you might could try a Miller Lite Beer Battered Butter sprinkled with confectioner's sugar.

peer pressure worked wonders for my son. and cheerios in the potty. although we had to have a very frank discussion regarding Why We Do Not Eat From This Bowl.

Dan said...

Videos are also good to shoot. I did the crookedest street (Lombard) once. The Mrs wasn't too happy that I did that , but she had no answer when asked why she didn't take the camera and do the filming. Critics...