Monday, August 14, 2006

C'mon, Fight the Power! Fight the Power that...Isn't.


Sumthin's up with the power supply to my 'puter, so I'm on the kids' 'puter. GAH! This means I can't download the pics I took of the latest additions to my stash. Hopefully R will resolve the issue tout de suite.

What is better than receiving yarny surprises in the mail??? First, here's the RASK(Random Act of Supreme Kindness) I got from YOSHIMI. It's All Things Heather sock yarn in a kinda light pinky-greeny colorway and some calming tea and a cutiepoo lil tin of mints. Yoshimi, ubercoolness radiates from you! And the fact that you dig The Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players too, that's just icing on the cake.

And then there is the latest skein I received from my One Skein Pal. It smells awesome! There wasn't a note, but I'm guessing maybe it was Kool-Aid dyed? If so, she did a really nice job and I love the colors. Thanks, OSSP!

I really have enjoyed the One-Skein Secret Pal project. I thought it was very well-organized and the moderators were extremely nice, even when they had to remind me that I was behind on sending my July package (bad me). It was a real challenge to choose just one skein from the countless yarns available and send it to someone you don't really know, and of course I'm always dealing with my constant sense of self-doubt that pervades every single aspect of my life. Some days, I just feel like I suck at everything. I feel like I even suck at sucking. But even with all my issues, I had fun because I love making/doing/shopping for other people.

That said, I'm happy to announce that I've decided on a One-Skein Project (finally!) for my pal. It was hard because I wanted to take on a project that I knew I can complete and do a good job, but there was also a part of me that wanted to challenge myself a little and go beyond the garter stitch scarf (which is about the only project I could complete with 100% confidence in my ability). But of course I didn't want my gift to suck, so I think I found a good project for me and I hope my pal likes it. I'm using one of my favorite Noro colorways, #124.

Anyway, in pharmaceutical news, I've cut back a lot on my Wellbutrin. No real reason other than that I've stopped drinking soda completely, and my morning routine used to be, pop open a Diet Coke and pop in the meds. I'm out of the routine, yet I feel surprisingly good about it. I've been sleeping WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better, other than the boys' occasional request for chocolate milk at 4am. It does take me a little longer to get started in the morning, but really, I can live with it. I was kinda hoping I'd have lost a little weight by now, but I haven't yet. Poo. So, today I plan to sign up for Bellydancing and Pilates classes. And maybe aerobics too. I'm gonna look like Lara Flynn Boyle, Baybeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

That was a JOKE.

I came up with an idea for a totally goofy original pattern using cheapass yarn and easy stitches. I want my idiotic patterns to be accessible to all. Stay tuned.

Oh, and in News That Should Come as a Great Relief to my Global Fan Base, R quite wisely pointed out that if Reverend Aldi did happen to fall upon this blog, he's the sort who erroneously believes that he's reeeeeally funny and he would want to point out to us a) that we weren't smart enough to conceal it very well, and b) just how clever he was to find it. The Rev would be totally unable to resist saying something dorkily snarky at a family gathering, such as "Oh, Sarah, you're so hilarious I could just sit here and Behold Your Brilliance all day..." (when R said it in the Rev's Eeyore/Charlie Brown's Teacher/Napoleon Dynamite's brother Kip voice, I agreed with R 100%), he would have let us know by now. R's absolutely right. So I think we're safe. Long live the Aldibash!

This coming Sunday we will be going out to Chez FIL. It's gonna be FIL's birthday. I thought maybe I'd intentionally knit him something that sucked just to see if he'd tell me it sucked or if he'd make the effort to wear something that sucked in my presence to make me feel good. I'm pretty sure he would have told me everything that was wrong with it had it not been for my total f*ckin breakdown the last time we were out there, In Which R very compassionately stood up for me and explained to my inlaws how I work really hard for FIL's approval. Isn't R the very best? Oh yeah, he is.

And, in Reality Show Wrap-up, HEATHER was the Hell's Kitchen winner. Beebie and I wept with joy. She worked her arse off, and she deserved to win. Tonight on Big Brother, Janelle will put up Danielle and Erika, Danielle will win the Veto, and Janelle will put up MARCELLAS. That does it, Janelle and I can't be friends. Tomorrow is the America's Got Idiots finale! I'm still hoping for the Harmonica Kid and my second choice would be Passing Zone (the juggling comedians). And I still say Leonid The Magnificent wuz ROBBED!

I'm so happy Rachele's coming in tomorrow! Maybe I can talk her into attending the BamBeno (featuring Meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman) show this weekend!





OldLadyPenPal said...

every time i read the word "Aldi" i am powerless to resist saying "Aldi, the Stock-Up Store!" in my head.

have you read david sadaris's's's's's latest book?

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! I'm telling you those invisible site meters are the best!

You have to admit if the Aldis discovered this, it would make for a DAMN good story!

Ali said...

You my friend don't suck at much I'm sure. :)

Poops said...

You do not suck.


Totally goofy pattern + cheapass yarn + easy stitches = Fuggles. We should start our own pattern company. "Penny and Poops Patterns for Cheapass Knitters of the Third Order." Either that or go to work designing for Lion Brand or Bernat. ;)

Sharpie said...

"I feel like I even suck at sucking." LOL.

Yep that about sums up how I feel right now.

JRS said...

Hey! I'm here!
Vintage Vinyl; definitely! I took my nephew to H&M yesterday shopping for his birthday, and EVERYTHING was totally 80s. I bought him a ruffled shirt! He loves it!
When is the BamBeno show? I am going to the Lake on Friday night but I'm coming back to Stl on Sunday.
I'm looking forward to lots of Aldi stories! See you soon!

Cheesy Knit Wit said...

Good luck at your in-laws.

Take care!


the kitchener bitch said...

Yay Trachtenburg Family Players!

Jen said...

Thank you gallie! :) Hey, I told you the color was Wicked, but I think it's actually called "Board Shorts." I got mixed up.