Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A gosh darn good day - with Rachele and Rachel!

So I got up this morning and I went to Aerobics! I can't believe that I went. I really thought my Borderline Undiagnosed Social Anxiety Disorder would get the best of me and I'd chicken out, but I didn't. I went and I made it all the way through the hour-long class. Eight classes for $10, then childcare is $2 per child per session. It's a pretty darn good deal and the class isn't full of little skinny bitches, so I think I'll go back on Thursday. I know I'm gonna feel totally gelatinous later.

I got the paperwork I needed from the boys' doctor for their Preschool Open House on Thursday. I hope they put T in the class where potty training is not a prerequisite. He's violently opposed to it. He screams and runs away when I suggest trying on the potty. I just keep telling myself, he won't wear diapers to college... he won't wear diapers to college...

I came home, had lunch, and took the boys to Knitorious to meet The Lovely Rachele! What a doll she is! She hung out with the boys and me, and it was really nice. She even watched as they put on a hip-hop dancing show while I perused the novelty yarns for something to make Pie's trophy out of.

How the f*ck am I gonna knit a trophy??

Rachele was such a good sport. My boys thought she was just awesome. They talked about her the whole way home. For some reason, Tito thought she was going to have green hair. Not sure what that's about.

PLUS, I was recognized by Rachel of RachelKnits! That's never happened to me before, it was a hoot! In the above pic, she's all the way over on the right. Rachel is supercool too, she was extremely helpful and patient and sweet, and, God love her, she even offered the suggestion of adding Lopi to the gold shiny Louisa Harding Glisten Yarn that Pie picked out for his trophy.

Have I told you all why the boy feels entitled to a trophy? I get him to eat his dinner by telling him to pretend that he's on Fear Factor. What that says about my cooking, I have no idea, but we all make a big fuss and cheer wildly when he eats a green bean or some equally repulsive vegetable, and it gets him to eat, so whatever.

So he asked me if he was the Fear Factor Champion, and I said "Um, sure, buddy!" and he said, "Don't you think I should have a trophy? Maybe you could knit me a trophy!" And the challenge was on. I was thinking I could model it after the Academy Award, but then I'm afraid it'd look like a big sparkly gold dildo or something. I'll have to putz around with it and see what I get.

Whenever I take the boys yarn shopping, I like to let them each pick a skein of something. That way, they feel like they're shopping too, and of course I get to knit with it (I reserve the right to veto any of their choices for price or Fugliness). Normally they choose the Galway Heather or the Cascade 220. Felting fascinates them. It kinda fascinates me too, come to think of it.

Tito, who loves anything blue, chose a lovely turquoise ball of Cascade Fixation. He's been toting it around with him like a stuffed animal. He won't let anyone touch it. It MY yarn, Mommy!!

Knitorious' new location on Watson Road is SO NICE! And I was really grateful that nobody made me feel like a jerk for bringing my kids in. Some places have given me dirty looks in the past, but not since Ry started wearing a knitted crown everywhere he goes. In a few more weeks, I'll be able to shop solo, but for now I have to take them everywhere I go. Plus, what I don't spend on a babysitter, I can spend on yarn. It all works out.

I have to go to Beeb's school tonight.
I'll tell Stella you all said hi.


OldLadyPenPal said...

*cries out in her best marlon brando voice "stellllllaaaaaaa!"

that kid just kills me. he has the most frank expression, and you can just tell he's all boy- made of rubbery love and sticky goodness!

Bezzie said...

Wait til you get him in preschool. This is the ONLY time in your life that peer pressure will work to your advantage. I'll bet when he sees the other boys using the potty, he'll be peeing and pooping in the toilet in no time.

I'll bet you could totally felt a trophy. Would Pie be down for that? You knit a bowl (plenty of patterns out there for that) a simple tube for the "stem", couple of i-cord handles, and then knit a pair of circles. Sew one end of the icord handles on the bowl; leave the other end unanchored. Sew the top of the tube stem to the bottom of the bowl, sew the two circles together--but don't close the seam (like a pillow). Felt both pieces making sure the two circles don't felt together. Then, stuff a pipecleaner in each piece of i-cord, finish sewing them down to the bowl. Stuff the "stem" of the trophy with stuffing--or hey, a toiletpaper/paper towel tube, sew it to the base of the two circles. Insert a small plastic saucer (dollar store kiddie plates? Small frisbee? Hell, a smooshed to size aluminum pie pan?) into the opening of the two circles. Stitch the circles closed. Ta da, a ghetto knitted trophy. Yeah ok, I'm not sure how good that would look, but you have to remember your target audience.

Shutting up now.

helen said...

wow! i am most impressed, bezzie!! i think it'll work!

Ali said...

Bezzie can knit anything! That woman!

LOVE the pic of him in his crown. PK, they really are adorable children.

BTW: that damn word verification everyone has in order to post is about as bad as a drunk-driving test. I had to type "pczwubmr", but their sample was kelly green with a funky font all bunched together. *Ali blows into the monitor*

Elspeth said...

Hey, I took my three to the yarn store today too! They were pretty good and I only had to bribe them with ice cream later!

Jenn said...

Where did you find aerobics so cheap???

BTW, I'm still giggling over "Daisy Troop Puppet Regime"!

Rachel said...

Ha! It was great meeting you. I would have never recognized you had you not mentioned pictures and apes in the same sentence. Apes? Pictures? Holy mother! It's...it's...ohcrapwhatshername..Penny or something like that....

JRS said...

Bezzie is a genius for figuring out a way to make a knitted trophy!

I had a great time too! The boys are figgin' adorable. Now I get the Fear Factor thing that Pie was trying to explain to me!

I'll dye my hair green before our next get-together!

turtlegirl76 said...

Bezzie knows all. All hail Bezzie. Tell Pie to hand over his crown.

Anonymous said...

You could try knitting it out of wire. I know people knit with wire. Or you could make a structure out of wire and stick it into a base of playdough and let it dry and then pull a loosely knitted shape over it.

Just thinkin'.


zibibbo said...

I now have knitted crown envy.

Sharpie said...

"I'm afraid it'd look like a big sparkly gold dildo "

She says like that's A BAD thing!!! LOL!

*I am laughing even harder because my word verification is BIIGO......LOLOL!!