Friday, July 28, 2006

Part 2 of Hangin' With Nana and Pop Pop.

July 24th is the birthday of Henry Shaw, who gave the city of St. Louis the lovely Botanical Garden. Admission to the garden is free on Mr. Shaw's birthday, so we went to check out the Dale Chiluly: Glass in the Garden exhibit, which was quite impressive.

And the next day we took Nana and PopPop to The Magic House, which is also free (noticing the recurring theme of my superduper cheapness?) on Tuesday nights during the summer.

A few years ago Beeb won a contest where kids submitted trivia facts to be displayed throughout the house. She was really proud when we found it!

The obligatory photo with the static electricity ball.

Here's my little mercenary.

Pie selling ice cream. He'd sell popsicles to penguins.

And here's what I want for my birthday. A RUN-DMC action figure! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen.

I am so proud my children know that the answer to the musical question "Whose House?" is, of course, "RUN'S HOUSE."

This was also my favorite line in the movie Dogma. Classic.

So that summarizes the past week. Here's what I'm dealing with currently.

- While I have electricity, my Air Conditioner is not working. It's blowing room-temperature air. It's about 86 degrees in the house right now. I put a call in to those geniuses at Elite 12 hours ago. It's gonna be 93 and megamuggy today. Still waiting to hear back. Assholes.

- My sister and her hubbypoo and their dog are planning a brief visit as they follow Widespread Panic to Memphis and St. Louis and Louisville (I think that's the itinerary). I'm not sure how I feel about this.

- I bought a really cute pair of jammies that I love, only last night I realized that one of the straps was sewn on wrong and is permanently twisted. I couldn't bring myself to return it. I'm calling it a design feature. And it wasn't even my design.

- Next week, the boys go to VBS and Beeb goes to Chess Camp. I'm imagining a classroom full of Malcolm and his Krelborne friends.

- My Reality Shows are getting good. I've missed Big Bro all this week, but Jase and Will are nominated and tonight is Eviction Night. At least we know one evildoer is leaving. The Fogals are off of Treasure Hunters, Praise The Lord!! And Rappin' Granny is through to the next round of America's Got A Bunch of Talented Freaks! I called in a vote or two for Bianca Ryan. She's cool.

- I'm trying to give up drinking soda. We're on day two and I haven't killed anyone yet, so it's going pretty well. Although if somebody doesn't get out here to fix the damn A/C pretty effin soon, I can't be held responsible for my actions.

- If anything gets in the way of my seeing Lyle Lovett tomorrow night at Live on the Levee, I'm gonna be pissed.

- I've been asked for an update on the Terry Bradshaw Dream Date mission. Well, Bob, I emailed most recently on July 7th, and this time I went directly to Terry's Ranch. Still haven't heard back. So far I've written Ellen three times, Fox Sports twice and Circle 12 Ranch once, but I'm not giving up. I'm thinking I may just have to take my dream straight to the top - Miss Oprah. I figured it was faster than praying, since I'm pretty sure God asks Oprah for book recommendations.


DomesticOverlord said...

The last line of today's post almost killed me. Seriously, I fell out of my chair. The wheezing, I can't stop laughing. Deep breath. Okay, I'm okay.

BTW one of my good friends taught her daughter the answer to the question, "Whose house?" which provided us with no end of entertainment a couple years ago. Her daughter was two at the time and could sing most of the song.

Dan said...

Rappin granny? That about did it for me. Bianca and the magician were far better. 4no talents involved with a show called America's Got Talent. Regis-can't figure how he went from an entertainment reporter in LA to this, Piers a fired editor, Brandi a carnival caricature come to life, last news worthy thing she had was breaking her engagement to am NBA player, and Mr Jackoff that is sooooo in love with himself. The show before this when when he told those 2 16 year olds how they looked sexy after Brandi said they were inappropriately dressed, gave me a sick feeling. With that slick back wet hair look and those glasses all he needs is a trench coat and I can hear him saying, " hey little girl do you want some candy?" I have to go puke now.

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh good, you broke up the post - I can see the whole thing through bloglines, but I think for blogger there are just too many pics for it to handle. YOu may need to break up the "Hangin' with Nana and PopPop" one too.

The creepy lady - holey pants up to the boobies batman! Yeah, just by looking at the pic, you can tell the woman is a bit on the, um, "special" side of life.

And Pie is too funny with his "Hop-hop" dancing.

Bezzie said...

Nice sheep! They must put those things in every botanical garden--I'm sure I've posted my Chunky on the exact same sheep picture before.

Ahhh...Dogma. I'm going to have to dust that off and watch it again just for that line!

Bob said...

Yeah, thanks for the T.B. update. I'm sure Oprah will jump on the bandwagon and get that ball rolling soon. Besides, she's gotta start keeping up with Ellen now. I wouldn't be surprised to see Oprah dancing on every show. :)

cheapy.sheepy said...

in the static electricity ball picture beeb looks just like you.