Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Have I been outed?

I fear that my days of blogging under a cloak of semi-anonymity are (ahem) BEHIND ME.

Both Mrs. Aldi and Aldigirl were wearing swimsuits other than the ones they wore the last time I wrote about them. What are the chances?? Hmmm??? At first, I was just bummed because I was looking forward to talking snarkily about them, but then I thought, oh shit - what if they read my little rant about inappropriate swimwear for 8 year old girls and my idea to knit a one-piece with short-row shaping in the back?

Maybe it's just an ooky coincidence. BUT, a while ago, I had some dude from Michigan who randomly came across my Tickle profile tell me that he knew someone from my hometown Who Looked A Lot Like Me and, through some investigation, we were able to determine that he was in fact referring to my SIL. Immediately my Seinfeldian "worlds colliding" phobia sent me into a panic. Imagine if I'd had nudie pics or something?? All I need is the thought of Reverend A looking at ... oh, I just can't even complete that sentence. Incidentally, I never talked to the guy again after that. It would have been like Bizarro World, and I ain't goin' there.

But that was long before I started blogging. So they'd have had to periodically check my Yahoo profile to see that I'd updated it with a link to Behold My Brilliance. And why would they do that? I'm sure they've at least seen my Tickle ID (cuz the dude emailed it to Mrs. Aldi to see if she knew me, thanks so much), which had a link to my Yahoo ID, which now has a link to here, but I can't imagine that they'd have re-visited any of my IDs for any reason since I entered Bloggerworld.

I think that when I was first debating the merits of starting a blog, it was for the purpose of periodically updating my family members and friends on the goings-on at Chez Karma so they could see pictures and read up on us at their convenience. But then I started getting cattier and rantier and darker than I expected to be, ya know? I guess I've always kinda figured that the possiblity existed that the Aldis might accidentally stumble onto my silly little blog. And I'm sure that, to them, the characters I describe would be immediately identifiable. I mean, how many Aunt Drama and Uncle Earhair pairings exist in the world?

Maybe I'm just paranoid.

I'm 99% confident there is absolutely no danger of them telling FIL what I have said here. I know they share the same sentiment, and, being familiar with FIL's behavior, nobody'd want to stir anything up. So that aspect of it is a non-issue. But what am I gonna do if I can't write freely about the Aldis? They provide some of my best material.

Feel free to offer suggestions. Topics, updates I haven't touched on in a while, unanswered questions... what should I talk about?

FYI, My next post will include Our Latest Trip to the DriveIn and Beeb's Birthday.

My parents go home tomorrow, and then I'll have more time to sit and update with pictures. But for now, I'll leave you with -

Still more searches that lead to my brilliant blog:

"Pay Me" Teavana.

Oprah's pronunciation of Kleenex.

Social Anxiety Disorder I'm a Dork.

courtesy of extremetracking.com


turtlegirl76 said...

Oh wow. See, and I so desperately want to start talking more about my sisters but at least 2 of them know my blog address and I have no idea if they actually read it. So I can only refer to Good, Evil and Crazy sister on the knitty board and even then, I have only just started to refer to them. I'm just as paranoid. There's always the option of starting off a completely different blog and abandoning this one. But that would suck.

The Fluffy Ewe said...

Oh yeah... I would be mucho paranoid, too.

I, like a dumbarse, accidentally sent my sister the link to my blog. Whoops. Luckily she lost it but she has been asking for it again. I keep meaning to send it to her coughliecough but a girl has to have somewhere to vent about family and how she managed to escape them relatively unscathed, right?

And who is to say they stumbled across your blog? Maybe they just found new suits on clearance at Walmart and couldn't resist?? Lol

Jennifer said...

Yeah, everyone in my family knows about the blog, so I have to have restraint. You know lots of crazy stuff happens outside of family stuff too. Witness the woes that have befallen me lately that have become blog fodder.

JRS said...

I've been freaking out about exactly the same thing lately. I realized a while back that googling "Rachele" (damn that nurse for spelling it with one L; it's so rare) and "Sapporo" led one to my blog. One of the friends that I've been bitching about seems to have found it, because right after my last post, he called and wanted to convince me that what I was thinking wasn't true.
In fact, I think a lot of people in my RL world have found it, and I now find myself censoring myself when I'm posting, which in turn irritates me more, and make me snarkier.

LadyLungDoc said...

Luckily for me, none of my family are likely to stumble across my blog, unless there was a direct lik from the Martha Stewart website.
Reminds me - must see what NotMartha is up to nowadays.

I don't vent about "issues" with my colleagues or my patients because with my luck, someone would stumble across it.

Bezzie said...

Lemme tell you how paranoid I became when I was working for The Man--my biggest fear was that they'd find my blog. My firast younger sister knows about my blog and reads it, but I've got no issues to vent about her.

As for your relatives finding out about it--hmmm...maybe make the entries boring for a month and they'll lose interest if indeed they're reading. You've got a site tracker on there right so you can tell where they're logging in from right?

I started a boring family blog where I can ramble all PG like about the husband and the boy and our mundane lives. Keeps 'em happy and my worlds from colliding!