Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm not a political person, but I'm pretty sure Ann Coulter owns only one dress.

And only half a brain cell.

Oops, was that out loud?

In this June 6th interview with Matt Lauer, NBC showed a clip of Ann's interview on The Today Show in October 2005, and she was wearing THE EXACT SAME DRESS that she had worn to the current interview, the one she's also wearing on the cover of her latest literary effort. Watch.

Now, before I saw this interview, I didn't think anything of Ann one way or the other. I didn't think about her at all. Now I just think she's a doofus.

I consider myself a political moderate. I don't care what Ann has to say, I honestly don't.

I just want her to get a new dress, for the love of Maude.

Yes, Ladies, whether you're signing your plagairised book, fighting liberalism, exposing slander, berating the 9/11 widows on the Today Show, or just relaxing with Al Sharpton, the Ann Coulter All-Occasion WonderDress is the perfect choice for today's busy pundit!

It's the ONLY dress you'll EVER NEED!


dxsuckit said...

Fashion sense is just another in the long line of liberal attrocities. She bought the dress at a Wal-Mart in Mississippi while doing an audio book signing (her fans are not much into reading).

Sharon said...

Perhaps what she's wearing isn't as important as what she is saying/writing.
I guarantee she has much more than half a brain cell. Maybe you should look up her credentials- she is very educated.

Penny Karma said...

Yeah, I shouldn't have said that. In fairness to Ann, I admit that I know absolutely nothing about her. Quite literally, my only experience with her is that Today Show interview within an interview.

She just sounded so ridiculous and bitter to me. Surely she has to be more intelligent than she came across. Maybe she's actually correct in her assertions that the liberal media has brainwashed me against her.

Really, I'm not even talking from a political standpoint - this is a Red Carpet Issue. She needs a Fashion Intervention.

I swear this will be the last time I post about anyone even remotely political.

Greg said...

Have you taken the time to read any of her books before you started throwing around insults?? You claim she only has half a brain cell from just watching ONE interview with her??

Let's take a look at the venue for this particular interview--The Today Show on NBC--not exactly a safe haven for conservatives. The Today Show, led by main-stream media liberals, will stop at nothing to make Coulter look like a fumbling idiot. That's what they do best.

Anyone with an open mind and a good dose of common sense can see that Coulter has many valid points. From my experience with liberals, I have found that they lack both an open mind AND common sense.

Your comments about Coulter's dress remind me that the main-stream media outlets in America (mostly led by left-wing idealogues) are successfully numbing our brains. Most Americans are more interested in who won American Idol than who is on the US Supreme Court. More people are worried about Brad and Jen and Angelina than they are about the threat of fundamentalist Islamic terrorists. What dress Paris Hilton is wearing on the Red Carpet takes a higher level of importance than the fact that millions of innocent babies are murdered each year due to abortion.

All of this truly saddens me.

Penny Karma said...

Y'know what? Whatever.

Take the time to read the rest of my blog and you'll see a lot of other shit that'll sadden you.

Jesus Christ, people. I'm KIDDING.